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Code of conduct for Telefilm Canada’s business partners

As an investor in Canada’s creative industries, Telefilm is committed to supporting a healthy ecosystem that thrives in a culture of mutual respect, dignity and inclusivity that is free from any form of harassment, discrimination, and violence. Telefilm recognizes that the responsibility of creating and preserving a safe environment is a collective one.

Presentation of the Code of conduct

The Code of conduct for Telefilm Canada’s Business Partners outlines Telefilm’s commitments and expectations towards its business partners.


This Code of conduct applies to all entities and individuals interacting with Telefilm in the course of its activities, including applicants, service providers and industry stakeholders.

When and where

This Code of conduct applies to all interactions with Telefilm, whether in-person, over the phone, via videoconference, or by email, the application portal Dialogue, social media or public forums.


In their dealings with Telefilm, Business Partners are expected to act with integrity, treat everyone with dignity and respect and abstain from any form of harassment, violence, and discrimination.

Harassment, violence and discrimination

Telefilm Canada does not tolerate any form of harassment, violence or discrimination towards its staff, whether verbally, via email, on social media, or via any other platform. This includes, but is not limited, to:

  • Insults or threats
  • Yelling
  • Inappropriate or offensive remarks, jokes, insinuations or comments
  • Intimidation and bullying
  • Unwanted verbal or written advances or persistent sexual propositions
  • Physical violence of a sexual nature or forced unwanted sexual intimacy
  • Discriminatory remarks or actions

Telefilm may cease all communications, suspend or terminate all activities with business partners who display inappropriate behaviour towards its staff.


Access to Telefilm funding is not guaranteed. Trust is at the core of the relationship between Telefilm and its business partners. In their dealings with Telefilm, business partners must act with integrity and transparency. This includes using Telefilm’s funding exclusively for the purposes detailed in the contractual agreements governing such funding and abstaining from making any false representations or submitting false documentation.

Telefilm may refuse, or limit, access to its programs and activities to an individual or organization if it deems, in its discretion, that their actions undermine Telefilm’s trust in their sound judgment or affect Telefilm’s trust in their integrity.