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Data collection and self-identification

Telefilm Canada is committed to better understanding and supporting Canada’s audiovisual industry. Collecting data allows us to gain greater insight into the members of our community and their projects. It also plays a key role in creating a more equitable industry.

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting a diversity of talent, we aim to capture data as it relates to applications and programs. This will assist in the evaluation, eligibility, and decision-making processes, as well as enhancing programs and industry initiatives.

Why participate?

  • Telefilm’s data collection and self-identification allows us to better understand our applicants and their projects, while also leading to better informed decision-making.
  • Data collected also is used for validating eligibility for streams in: 
    • Indigenous Stream (Development, Talent to Watch, Theatrical Documentary, Production) 
    • Stream for Black and People of Colour (Development) 
    • Filmmaker Apply-Direct Stream (Talent to Watch) 

Who should participate?

  • All individuals in any producer, screenwriter or director role are asked to complete a self-identification questionnaire 
  • Participants then choose how that information is shared

What is collected?

The questionnaire covers Indigenous identity, racial and ethnic identity, gender identity and expression, belonging to an 2SLGBTQIA+ community, disability status, and belonging to an Official Language Minority Community. 

Participation in the questionnaire is voluntary. 

What programs does this apply to?

This applies to the Production, Theatrical Documentary, Talent to Watch and Development programs. 

How will data be used in the processing of an application?

  • In the review of the creative materials. 
  • Reviewing the project’s Community Engagement Plan. 
  • In the decision-making process, to ensure a balanced portfolio of projects that reflects a diversity of voices and viewpoints. 

How will Telefilm use the data collected?

  1. If the creative team member allows their data to be used in an anonymous aggregate form only, it may be used for:  
  • Improving and evolving Telefilm’s programs  
  • Identifying gaps in support for underrepresented communities and making data-driven decisions on how to fill those gaps 
  • Reporting on Telefilm’s portfolio of projects  (i.e. statistics) 
  • Supporting industry initiatives (including career development and capacity building programs) 
  1. In addition to the above, if the creative team member consents for their data to be used in a sharable form, it may also be: 
  • Viewable by the main applicant company. 
  • Accessible to advisory committee members and external analysts involved in reviewing the application. 
  • Used in promoting talent and their projects. 
  • Information can only be used in processing applications or shared if the participant consents to it. Consent is required for each application. 

How does it work?

When applying for funding, the project applicant identifies the members of the creative team and provides their contact information. Next, the creative team members automatically receive an invitation from Telefilm to submit their self-identification questionnaire privately and decide what use can be made of it. 

Participants can choose to consent to their data being used in the processing of the application for the project to which they are associated, or decide for it to only be used in an aggregate manner. 

Participants have ten calendar days to complete the questionnaire after receiving it. After that time, if you have not submitted the questionnaire, your information may not be included in the processing of the application. 


To learn more about how your data will be used, please consult the Personal Information Collection Statement.

If you have any questions, please contact