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Production company directory

Discover the production companies that have already participated in a certified film or television coproduction over the past seven years.

144 result(s) found
Production companies Province Coproduction country(ies)
10620114 CANADA INC. Quebec Luxembourg
1238504 B.C. LTD. British Columbia United Kingdom
1489804 Ontario Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
4046862 Canada inc. Quebec France, Belgium, Ireland
4313119 Canada Inc Quebec South Africa
58 Lake Productions Inc. Ontario Germany
7732520 Canada Inc. Quebec Israel
7e Art Distribution Quebec Czech Republic
9097-4767 Québec Inc. Quebec Belgium
9110-3754 Québec Inc. Quebec United Kingdom, France
9215-8534 Québec Inc. (Parallaxes) Quebec Belgium
9219-2418 Québec Inc. Quebec Switzerland
9224-8004 Québec inc. Quebec Belgium
9316-1529 Québec inc. Quebec Netherlands
Aiken Heart Films Inc. Ontario Malta
Alcina Pictures Ltd. Ontario New Zealand
Alpha-Zoulou Inc. Quebec France
Big Jump Productions Inc. Ontario Australia, Ireland
Blue Ant Media Inc. Ontario United Kingdom, Australia
Boat Rocker Media Inc. Ontario Hungary, United Kingdom
Breakthrough Enterprises Inc. Ontario New Zealand
Canazil Entertainment Group Inc. Ontario Brazil
CarpeDiem Film & TV Inc. Quebec Finland, Germany
CD Films Inc. Quebec France
Cineflix Media Inc. Quebec United Kingdom, Greece, France
Circle Blue Films Inc. Ontario South Africa
Coop Vidéo de Montréal Quebec France, Switzerland
Corus Entertainment Inc. Ontario Israel, United Kingdom, Finland
Cream Productions Inc. Ontario Australia
DCP Mystery Arts Inc. Ontario Netherlands, France, Ireland
Denis Boucher Communications Inc. Quebec France
DES Animation Ltée Quebec France
Dim Light Pictures Inc. Alberta India
Echo Media Inc. Quebec Ireland
Elevation Pictures Corp. Ontario United Kingdom, Germany
EMA FILMS INC. Quebec Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland
Entertainment One Ltd. Ontario Hungary, Brazil, Australia
Entract Studios Inc. Quebec Poland
Experimental Forest Films Inc. British Columbia Switzerland, Norway
Eye Steel Film Inc. Quebec Denmark, South Africa
Facet 4 Media Inc./Média Facet 4 Inc. Quebec Belgium, Ireland
Ferns Productions Inc. British Columbia Germany
Film Forge Productions Inc. Ontario Hungary
Films Caramel Inc. Quebec France
Forum Films 2005 Inc. Quebec France, Belgium
Forward Thinking Film Worldwide Inc. Ontario South Africa
Foundry Films Inc. Ontario South Africa
Frigate Films Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
Gestion Mervans inc. Quebec France
Goodbye Productions Inc. British Columbia United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg
Graphene Productions Inc. British Columbia Australia
Handel Productions Inc. Quebec United Kingdom
Handful of Films Inc. Alberta Germany
Hawkeye Pictures Inc. Ontario Germany, Ireland
Highwire Pictures Inc. Manitoba France
Honalee Productions Inc. British Columbia Mexico, Ireland
Image-In Atlantic Inc. Quebec France
IndustryWorks Pictures Inc. British Columbia Czech Republic
Infield Fly Productions Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
Inner City Films Inc. Ontario South Africa
Intuitive Pictures Inc. Quebec Australia, France, Germany, Israel
J2DM Management Inc. Ontario Netherlands
JA Productions Inc. Ontario Switzerland
January Films Ltd. Ontario Belgium, France
Joker Films Productions Inc. British Columbia Australia
Kaïbou Production Inc. Quebec France
Kandahar Films & Fashion Inc. Ontario Germany
Kensington Communications Inc. Ontario France
Kondololé Films inc. Quebec Brazil
Lance Samuels Productions Inc. Ontario South Africa
Laro Film Inc. Quebec France, Belgium
Le Foyer Films inc. Quebec France
Leader Media Productions Ltd. Ontario Cuba
Leif Films Inc. Ontario Iceland, South Africa, Belgium, United Kingdom, Malta
Les Productions du Cerf-Volant Inc. Quebec Mexico
Les Productions Extérieur Jour inc. Quebec France
Les Productions Rivard Inc. Manitoba Israel
Lowik Média 2008 Inc. Quebec Switzerland, United Kingdom
Lulo Films Inc. Ontario Colombia
Lumanity Productions Inc. Ontario Sweden
Mediamark International Corp. Ontario India
Merit Motion Pictures Inc. Manitoba United Kingdom, France
Metafilms Inc. Quebec France
Midi la Nuit Inc. Quebec France
MIKALY INC. Quebec United Kingdom, Ireland, Luxembourg
Multipix Management (Canada) Inc. Quebec France
Murmur Media Incorporated Ontario Denmark, Finland
Mythic Productions Inc. Ontario Italy
Nehiyawetan Productions Inc. British Columbia New Zealand
Nikki Ray Media Agency Inc. Ontario New Zealand
Odyssey Media Inc. British Columbia Bulgaria, Belgium
Oh Yuck Productions Inc. Ontario Australia
Outrageous Film Company Inc. Ontario Russia
Over the Horizon Pictures (Canada) Inc. Ontario New Zealand
Paragraph Pictures Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
Périphéria Films Inc Quebec France
Picture Plant Limited Nova Scotia United Kingdom
Possibles Média inc. Quebec France, Belgium
Primitive Entertainment Inc. Ontario Germany
Productions du Rapide-Blanc Inc. (Les) Quebec France
Productions Julix Inc. Quebec Belgium, Ireland, United Kingdom
Productions Nova Média Inc. Quebec France
Productions Ottoblix Inc. Quebec France, Iceland
PVP MEDIA inc. Quebec France, Italy, Spain
Québécor Média inc. Quebec New Zealand, Australia
Quiet Revolution Pictures Inc. Ontario Hungary
Red Cedar Films Inc. British Columbia Germany
Rezolution Pictures International Inc. Quebec Germany, United Kingdom
Rhombus Media Inc. Ontario United Kingdom, Chile, Ireland
Screen Siren Pictures Inc. British Columbia France, Ireland
Scythia Films Inc. Ontario United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Denmark
SDP Entertainment Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
Second Sight Pictures Inc. Quebec Chile
Serendipity Point Films Inc. Ontario Hungary, Ireland, Greece
SERGESPRO INC. Quebec Israel, France, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, Ireland, Spain
Shaftesbury Inc. Ontario New Zealand, Ireland, United Kingdom
Simple Films Limited Nova Scotia United Kingdom
Sinking Ship Entertainment Inc. Ontario Belgium
SK Films Inc. Ontario Brazil, United Kingdom
Sphère Média inc. Quebec Ireland, France, Italy, Australia
Steven L Silver Holdings Inc. Ontario Germany, South Africa
Storyline Entertainment Inc. Ontario Chile, Greece
Strada Films Inc. Ontario Denmark
Take 5 Productions Inc. Ontario Ireland
Tell Tale Productions Inc. Nova Scotia Germany
The Film Farm Inc. Ontario Germany, Norway
TimeLapse Pictures Productions Inc. Ontario Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tortuga Films Inc. Quebec France
Transfilm International Inc. Quebec France
URBANIA MEDIA inc. Quebec France
Vieille Amérique Inc. Quebec France
Vlimeuses productions inc. Quebec Belgium
Vortex Comics Incorporated Ontario United Kingdom
Waltz Productions Inc. British Columbia Ireland
White Bear Films Inc. Manitoba South Africa
WildBrain Ltd. British Columbia Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland
Wildling Pictures Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
Wishing Tree Productions Inc. Quebec France, Belgium
YAP Films Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
Yellow Animation Ltd. British Columbia Belgium, Finland
Yowza Animation Corp. Ontario New Zealand