11th Venice – Biennale College Cinema – International  

Call for Entries 

(Development workshop – micro-budget feature narrative or documentary) 

The Biennale College – Cinema in Venice is currently accepting entries for its 2022-2023 workshop program open to emerging feature film director and producer teams.  

Please note that all projects must be submitted directly to the Biennale.  

  • Registration fee: No 

Organized by the Biennale di Venezia, this training program is reserved to emerging filmmakers to support them in developing and producing microbudget feature-length films that will be presented at the Venice International Film Festival 2023.  

Nine projects will be selected among the submissions and announced in August. The related film teams (filmmaker and producer) will participate in a year-long series of workshops that covers the entire spectrum of ideation, development, production, direction, audience engagement and distribution of a feature-length micro-budget film.   

The filmmaker and producer will have to participate in a 10-days workshop in October, followed by a 4-day workshop in December, both in Venice. After that, the participants will move along the online workshop in January 2023. At the end of the workshop, four teams will be selected and receive a grant of € 200.000. The goal is to prepare four teams, to shoot and edit the film over the next seven months.  

  • Open to directors making their debut or sophomore films, associated with producers who have made at least three audio-visual works, or a feature-length fiction film, or a documentary, distributed and/or presented at festivals. 
  • Filmmaker should have a minimum of experience and 2 works to demonstrate it: short films, music videos, commercials, features, documentaries, series. 
  • Feature films, feature animation, documentaries are accepted. 
  • Duration of the project needs to be of 60 minutes or more. 

For all details please consult: Biennale College Cinema International 2022. 


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