Canada Pavilion at the 2018 Marché du Film – Cannes

Call for entries

Telefilm Canada is currently accepting applications by Canadian companies for accreditation at the Marché du Film in Cannes, taking place May 8-17, 2018.

Telefilm Canada, along with its partners, offers an array of services and special discount rates under the Canada Pavilion umbrella. Located at the heart of the Cannes Film Festival, the Canada Pavilion at the Marché du Film provides meeting areas and a program of events designed to promote the Canadian industry and talent.

Registration procedure
  1. See the document General Information for details and admission conditions;
  2. Telefilm cam send you a promotion code giving you access to your umbrella discount. Please contact us, if you need one.
  3. Finally, register to the Marché du Film to pay and confirm your badge.


General Information
Registration form

As part of an agreement signed between SODEC and Telefilm Canada, any Québec company officially registered at the Canada Pavilion will be able to benefit from the advantages of programming and promotional tools put in place by SODEC, and vice versa.

Clémence Bradley
1.800.567.0890 | 514.283.0838, poste 2107

International Promotion
Telefilm Canada, Montréal

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