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Perspective Canada at Berlin 2023

Berlin, Germany, February 16 to 22, 2023


(Market screenings- Feature-length films, narratives, and documentaries)

Perspective Canada at Berlin is a selection of Canadian features presented through market screenings at the European Film Market, which runs parallel to the Berlinale. The showcase strives to increase the international visibility of Canadian feature-length films and to spotlight Canadian companies, films, and talent to over 9,900 potential buyers, sellers, and producers from more than 110 countries accredited by the EFM. 


  • Perspective Canada 2023 will present between 12 to 15 features in theaters;
  • Every film selected in Perspective Canada will be screened once at the EFM;
  • Perspective Canada at Berlin participants will also benefit from a promotional campaign developed and entirely funded by Telefilm Canada to guarantee the best possible exposure for the invited Canadian films.


  • Physical screening costs range from approximately 300 to 650 € per hour depending on the venue.
  • For every film selected, Telefilm Canada will cover 50% of a physical market screening costs and the applicant must cover the balance;
  • Applicants wishing to present their film twice will have to cover 100% of the cost for the second screening;
  • In the case of a foreign-based international sales company representing an invited Canadian film, Telefilm Canada will invoice the Canadian-controlled production company for the market screening costs.


Feature-length films, narratives and documentaries, are eligible.

  1. Films must be:
    • Canada Feature Film Fund (CFFF) supported Canadian productions OR
    • Non-CFFF-funded Canadian productions selected at the 2023 Berlin, Sundance, or Rotterdam Film Festival OR
    • Official Canadian coproductions directed by a Canadian. 
  2. Films must be represented and submitted by a Canadian owned and controlled (within the meaning of the Investment Canada Act) distribution or production company as defined in the CFFF guidelines;
  3. Films must be produced in the 12 months prior to the EFM;
  4. Films must be market premieres or may have screened once at the American Film Market (AFM) in Los Angeles 2022.



  • The selection of the films for Perspective Canada will be made according to the sliding priority scale below until the slate has been filled:
    • Eligible films that are officially selected by the Berlinale, Sundance Festival, or Rotterdam festival – Official Competition in 2023;
    • CFFF-funded films which have a sales agent attached;
    • Eligible films that have won a recognized award, a special mention or recognition on the national or international festival circuit in the 6 months leading up to the market;
    • Eligible films with the most distinguished track record of performance at the Canadian box office in the 6 months leading up to the market.
  • On a case-by-case evaluation, other films may participate on an invitation-only basis by Telefilm Canada: 
    • Non-CFFF Canadian films which have garnered recognition on the international festival circuit or that have a distinguished track record of performance at the Canadian box office in the 6 months leading up to the market.
  • Telefilm Canada shall seek to maintain an appropriate regional balance, to encourage films and distribution and production companies from all regions of Canada.
  • Films selected must be represented at the EFM by an international sales company or, if the film is not attached to an international sales company, by a Canadian production company.

If selected, the applicant must meet the EFM’s deadlines for film file delivery, market accreditation form, market screening registration form and Telefilm Canada delivery deadlines of materials for the production of the promotional campaign (December 5, 2022).


For questions related to the initiative, please contact Danielle Bélanger

For questions related to the registration process, please contact Anthea Zeng.