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Discoverability: Toward a Common Frame of Reference Part 2: The Audience Journey

Context Summary: The second part the report Discoverability: Toward a Common Frame of Reference Part Two: The Audience Journey strives to explore discoverability through the eyes of the Canadian audience in greater depth. In the new content ecosystem, the discoverability process can be seen as a journey the audience embarks on. Discovery, choice and access each play a different role in this journey. The discovery process is where a map of the multiple points of entry to content is drawn: some consumers stay with traditional means of consuming content, while others adopt the latest technologies and platforms. During the choice process, the environment the consumer has journeyed to has a direct influence on the available choices, and on the choices themselves. Finally, access is all about the people, how they share their discoveries, through the power of word-of-mouth slowly evolving to a new incarnation in the social media sphere.

Study Funding: Funding for this study was provided by the Canada Media Fund, the National Film Board of Canada and Telefilm Canada and the support of CBC/Radio-Canada and the Media Technology Monitor.