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Exploring the Phenomenon of Creative Hubs

Context: In the context of the Creative Canada Policy to support the creative industries, one initiative is to invest in cultural spaces dedicated to “artists, cultural entrepreneurs and organizations” that are conducive to development and collaboration. According to this policy, such places are called creative hubs and aims to foster the development of entrepreneurial skills, creation, collaboration and innovation.

This exploratory study investigates the emerging organizational trend of creative hubs in order to capture their potential positive impact on the industry and potential policy opportunities. The development of a data bank identified 55 organizations, mainly in Quebec, considered to belong to the creative ecosystems. The observed trends reveal stakeholder networks that are distinguished according to their commercial, social, artistic and cultural vocation.

Through this typology, a definition of the creative hub emerges. Its added value is revealed on the one hand, in its strategic positioning, at the junction of the commercial, social and artistic spheres. On the other hand, it reveals itself in its structural capacity to capitalize on positive externalities in order to enhance the market value of cultural and artistic products.

Research firm: Study report prepared by Marie-Odile Duchesneau and Guillaume Déziel

Study funding: Supported by Telefilm Canada