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Development Program

The Canada Feature Film Fund’s Development Program is available to production companies looking to finance the development stage of their feature film projects.

The Development Program was revamped in 2012-2013 as part of Telefilm Canada’s ongoing Program Redesign initiative. The feedback received from our consultations, as well as from a client survey, enabled us to identify key areas requiring improvement and clarification.

In response to the feedback provided by our clients, Telefilm has made the following adjustments to the Program:

  • Only one (1) application will be accepted per company per year.
  • Filmographies and eligibility information will be available in eTelefilm effective May 8, 2014
  • The Program consists of four (4) funding tiers based on the number of feature films produced and released in the last five years and takes into consideration the budget levels of those films.  Please see Section 3 of the Guidelines available here below for more information.
  • Production companies can access the score assigned to their company through eTelefilm.
  • Copyright is still the industry-standard as an indicator of a producer’s involvement and ownership in a project.
  • Applications for the 2014/2015 year may be submitted starting on May 8, 2014. Participation of under-represented groups is encouraged;
    • In 2014-2015, Telefilm allows for two mentorships per application, from the following three groups: Aboriginal producers; Francophone producers working outside Quebec; and Anglophone producers working in Quebec. A total of four mentorships per application will be allowed.
    • The New Talent mentorship remains at one per application.

Ontario and Nunavut clients: please contact Elena Raluca Hutanu Tuturman.
See contact form below.



Guidelines applicable as of April 17, 2014 for the Development Program

(130 KB)

Guidelines for the 2013-2014 Development Program

(130 KB)

Guidelines for the 2012-2013 Development Program

(173 KB)


List of Required Documents

(79 KB)

Filmography for Lead Producer or Lead Writer

(85 KB)

Application Dates

Applicants may submit their project or portfolio of projects at any time during the Program's opening period. Applications must be submitted via eTelefilm. If you do not yet have an eTelefilm account, we urge you to register today.

Closing date will be November 10th, 6 months after opening date, or until funds run out.

May 8, 2014 - Opening date for the Development program for feature film projects
Region(s) : Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, West
Language(s) : French, English

Useful Tools

Elements of track record 2014-15

(55 KB)

FAQ – 2014-2015 Development Program

(89 KB)

FAQ – 2013-2014 Development Program

(63 KB)

FAQ – 2012-2013 Development Program

(56 KB)

List of Feature Films for Eligibility Purposes 2014-15

(198 KB)

Tool for Determining Eligibility - Development Program

Telefilm Canada's Success Index: List of festivals and events

(49 KB)

Template: Budget and Financing Plan

(110 KB)

Template: Final Cost Report

(58 KB)

Affidavit – Final Costs – budgets equal to or less than $250,000

(47 KB)


See offices contact information

Picard, Isabelle

Sciortino, Carmela

Hutanu Tuturman, Elena Raluca

Porter, Jennifer
Western Region