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Discover the production companies that have already participated in a certified film or television coproduction over the past five years.

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Production companies Province Coproduction country(ies)
1462598 Ontario Inc. (dba Tricon Films & Television)OntarioUnited Kingdom
1894955 Ontario Inc.OntarioCuba
1976 Productions inc.QuebecChile, France, Switzerland
2255478 Ontario Ltd.OntarioUnited Kingdom
2311545 Ontario Inc.OntarioGermany
2312-0975 Québec inc.QuebecFrance
4313119 Canada IncQuebecFrance
8434522 Canada Inc.QuebecGermany
9044-3250 Québec Inc.QuebecFrance
90th Parallel Productions Ltd.OntarioUnited Kingdom
9224-8004 Québec inc.QuebecUnited Kingdom
A Million Colours Canada Productions Inc.QuebecSouth Africa
A. Gelbart (Québec) Inc.QuebecFrance, Mexico
ACW Holdings Inc.Nova ScotiaAustralia, United Kingdom
Aircraft Pictures LimitedOntarioIreland, Luxembourg
Alcina Pictures Ltd.OntarioNorway
Alexander Sextus LimitedNova ScotiaCzech Republic
Amberwood Productions Inc.OntarioSingapore
Amerique Film Inc.QuebecIreland, Israel, France, Germany
Amythos Media Inc.OntarioFrance
Apple Ridge Films Inc.OntarioUnited Kingdom
Argus Films Inc.QuebecFrance
Aska Film Productions Inc.QuebecJapan
Association coopérative de productions audio-visuellesQuebecFrance
ATTRACTION MÉDIA INC.QuebecUnited Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, France, Brazil
Bardel Entertainment Inc.British ColumbiaAustralia
BB Productions Inc.British ColumbiaAustralia
Big Jump Productions Inc.OntarioSingapore
Boat Rocker Media Inc.OntarioHungary, Morocco, United Kingdom
Breakthrough Enterprises Inc.OntarioPhilippines, Brazil, France, United Kingdom
Brown Bread Sandwiches Inc.OntarioCuba
Canazil Entertainment Group Inc.OntarioBrazil
Carpediem Film & TV Inc.QuebecSingapore, France
Cascade Productions Ltd.British ColumbiaUnited Kingdom
CCI Productions Inc.OntarioNew Zealand, Australia, Germany
CD Films Inc.QuebecBrazil, France, United Kingdom
Ciné Qua Non Média Inc.QuebecGermany, Finland
Cineflix Media Inc.OntarioUnited Kingdom, Brazil
Cogent/Benger Productions Inc.OntarioSouth Africa, France
Communications Claude Veillet Inc.QuebecFrance
Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc./Divertissement Cookie Jar Inc.OntarioSouth Korea, Singapore, Germany, Argentina, South Africa
Copernicus Studios Inc.Nova ScotiaIreland
Corus Entertainment Inc.OntarioFrance, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore
Crazy Love Productions Inc.QuebecDenmark
Cream Drama Inc.OntarioUnited Kingdom
Dathuil Canada Inc.British ColumbiaAustralia
David Gross Productions Inc.OntarioIreland
DCF Media Packaging CorporationOntarioUnited Kingdom
DCP Mystery Arts Inc.OntarioFrance, Germany
Demilo Productions (Mama) Inc.OntarioSpain