Theatrical exhibition program

This program is for Canadian commercial exhibitors and is intended to support the programming of Canadian films in theatres across Canada and to foster public access to these works.

Who can apply

Companies acting as commercial exhibitors that have their head office and operations in Canada.

Overview of the program

Funding granted under the program must be used to cover promotional expenses for the theatrical release of Canadian films during the following year.

The funding is based on the number of Canadian films exhibited by the applicant during the preceding year, the number of screenings and the number of admissions to each of these films.

Eligible applicants may submit only one funding application per year, based on the dates posted on Telefilm Canada’s website.

Overview of eligibility requirements

All applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • be a company acting as a commercial exhibitor with its head office and operations in Canada
  • have a ticket and box-office reporting system that complies with audiovisual industry standards
  • have exhibited in Canada, during the preceding calendar year, one or more Canadian feature films included in the list posted on the Telefilm Canada website at the beginning of each year for the previous calendar year

Please consult the guidelines for a complete list of eligibility requirements.

Applicants must fill out and submit the application form upon program’s opening.

Key dates

Opening date
September 4, 2018

Please send the application form and the required appendices by e-mail to:

Closing date
October 31, 2018

The Theatrical Exhibition Program will not accept applications after October 31, 2018.

Contact persons

All regions

Anita Damiani

Phone : 438-469-1155