Developing and promoting the Canadian audiovisual industry

Our mandate

To foster and promote the development of the audiovisual industry in Canada.

Our vision

Canadian productions, on all consumption platforms, in Canada and abroad.

Our overarching goal

Stimulate demand for Canadian productions.

our four pillars

our strategic priorities for 2015-2018

Industry recognition — Promoting the value of Canadian content
  • Conduct effective promotion of the industry and its success directly to consumers.
Marketing practices — Encouraging innovation to reach audiences
  • Players to reduce gap with viewers’ expectations.
  • Increase viewership of Canadian productions.
Market intelligence — Deciding with meaningful metrics
  • Conduct and communicate value-relevant research.
  • Enhance comprehensive success measurement.
Industry funding — Diversifying sources
  • Attract new funding partners.
  • Examine new long-term funding mechanisms.
Ecosystem of companies — Delivering together
  • Develop and support an ecosystem of companies, including emerging ones, effective at delivering against expectations.
Organizational excellence — Performing in a changing environment
  • Continue to strive for optimum levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

Guiding principles

  • Set clear goals and measures
  • Move forward one step at a time, in collaboration with industry partners
  • Allow industry players to do what they do best themselves
  • Act as a catalyst for industry-led change
  • Foster increased accountability by industry players

Inspired by Talent. Viewed Everywhere: A new strategic vision

Dedicated to the cultural, commercial and industrial success of Canada’s audiovisual industry, Telefilm, through its various funding and promotion programs, supports dynamic companies and creative talent here at home and around the world.