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Changes to the evaluation criteria in the selection of the film to represent Canada in the race to the Best International Film Oscar

29 July 2019

We have heard the recent comments from the industry following last week’s advisory announcing changes to the admissibility criteria for the selection of the film to represent Canada in the race for the Best International Film Oscar. We understand the need for Telefilm to proceed to a more robust consultation with representatives of the industry before adopting new admissibility criteria.

We have therefore decided that, for this year, these criteria will be taken into consideration as evaluation criteria only. Any Canadian film that meets the Academy’s criteria may be submitted for consideration by the Selection Committee. A revised call for entries will be sent tomorrow morning.

In the near future, we will work closely with industry to update the selection process to better reflect current changes in the audiovisual industry internationally.

As the Oscars are an extremely competitive race, as a front-line partner, Telefilm wants to ensure that it puts the most chances on Canada’s side.