Canada Feature Film Fund’s Premier Writers Pilot Program – English-language market

Updated 2011-12 guidelines now available

Premier Writers Pilot Program – A program for experienced writers

The Canada Feature Film Fund’s Premier Writers Pilot Program for the English-language market is now accepting applications for 2011-2012. This program supports the preliminary screenwriting phases for well-established, professional Canadian screenwriters.

The program’s aim is to generate high-quality scripts for Telefilm Canada’s national selective and/or performance financing streams with the intention of broadening the range, quality and success of projects being developed by Telefilm.

Telefilm consulted with the industry which resulted in these updated guidelines that further clarify eligibility criteria. In addition, efforts were made to streamline the application process.

The application deadline for 2011-2012 is Friday, October 28th, 2011.

Please consult the guidelines on Telefilm’s Website.