July 6, 2009 – Telefilm Canada is pleased to announce a new deadline for the Theatrical Documentary Program.  Eligible applicants are required to submit their proposals by August 10, 2009 to the appropriate regional office of Telefilm.

Launched in 2005, the Theatrical Documentary Program is a unique public-private partnership, between Telefilm Canada and the Rogers Group of Funds with the common goal of financing films in the production and postproduction stages;  up to three English-language projects in production and two French-language projects will be financed this round.

The primary goal of the Program is to help achieve the objective of the CFFF, which is to increase Canadian audiences for Canadian feature films, by encouraging the production of Canadian feature-length documentaries for theatrical distribution in Canada.

Originally set up as a one-year pilot program, the Theatrical Documentary Program has financed  seven English- and French-language documentaries, and provided resources to assist in the post production stage of  six English- and French-language documentary projects from across Canada.

The Program is divided one-third French and two-thirds English for production and post production. Eligibility criteria for both stages, along with revised guidelines for 2009-10 are available at The new guidelines were revised with input from the industry through the online consultation that took place between May 7 and May 28th 2009, a process which enables the program to adequately address the current needs of documentarians.

Deadline for submissions across the country for both English and French language projects is AUGUST 10, 2009.