Industry advisory – Telefilm Canada announces English CFFF Development & Writers First decisions

Montreal, April 22, 2009 – Telefilm Canada is pleased to announce that 83 English-language projects have received financing from the development component of the Canada Feature Film Fund (CFFF).

Telefilm’s Writers First program, whose intent is to develop and retain a pool of creative and talented screenwriters as well as a bank of screenplays that are likely to succeed at the box office, has financed 16 English-language projects from its two phases: Outline to Treatment and Treatment to First Draft.

Development program – Canada Feature Film Fund

Atlantic Region



Production Company

(The) Adventures of Painless Parker

Dennis Foon

Kelaur Productions Inc. & Dream Street Development Corp.

All the Wrong Reasons

Gia Milani

Shore Road Pictures Inc.

(The) Bugman

Warren Jeffries

Slate Development Ltd.

Cape Enrage

Jeremy Bouchard

Big Motion Pictures Limited & Suki Films Inc.

(The) Colony of Unrequited Dreams

Justin Simms

Pearl Productions Inc.

Dirty Sweet

Sheri Elwood

IMX Communications Inc.

Dot’s Will

Scott Simpson

Playmaker Films Inc.

Dry Swallow

Joel Hynes

Kickham East Productions Inc.

Involuntary Donation

Greg Jackson

Gorgeous Mistake Productions Inc.

Little Summer Forever

Jody Richardson

Picture Plant Ltd. & Get Set Films Inc.


Brent Shepard

Dream Street Development Corp.

Suburban Zombie Christmas (in 3D)

Michael Melski & Chris Cuthbertson

Amazing Films & Cineast Screen
Development Ltd.


Michael Amo

Two East Productions Inc. & Standing 8 Productions Inc.


Ontario & Nunavut Regions



Production company

Barney’s Version

Michael Konyves

Serendipity Point Films Inc.

Beat the World

Robert Adetuyi

Inner City Films Development Inc


Noel Baker

APB Pictures Inc.


Morwyn Brebner

Foundry Films Inc.


David Shamoon

The Film Works

House Rules

Semi Chellas

Four Seasons Productions Inc.

Hungry Girl

Katherine Collins

Copperheart Entertainment Inc.


Shawn Postoff

Javelin Pictures Inc.


Mathieu Guez

The Innocent Film Inc.

Karma Chameleon

Will Pascoe & Gaurav Seth

Triptych Media Inc.

Lie Down with Darkness

Elan Mastai

Lie Down with Darkness Inc.

(The) Lizard Cage

David Vainola

Sienna Films Inc.


Ramona Barckert

Silverscreen International Inc.


Alexander Epstein

Amaze Film + Television Inc.

(An) October Gale

Ruba Nadda

Foundry Films Inc.

Perfecting Chaos

Chris Gamble

Prospero Pictures

Prom Knurd

Matt Huether

APB Pictures Inc.


David Ostry

Niceville Pictures Inc.

Pygmy Seahorse

Rob Stewart

Big Screen Entertainment Inc.

Red Coat Justice

Wyeth S. Clarkson

Travesty Productions Inc.

Rhéal & Rhéaume

Pierre Sarrazin

Sarrazin Pictures Inc.

Rise Again

Rob Stewart

Big Screen Entertainment Inc.

(The) River of Blood

Keinan Warsame

Dusty Foot Films Inc.

Sea Witches

Malcolm MacRury

Shaftesbury Films Inc.


Wendy “Motion” Brathwaite

Conquering Lion Pictures Inc.

The Lost Girls

Andrew Piper

Copperheart Entertainment Inc.

The Love Child of Andy Warhol & Yoko Ono

Frank Van Keeken

Alcina Pictures Ltd.


Carolyn Saunders

White Pine Pictures Inc.

Waking Beauty

Elyse Friedman

January Films Limited

Quebec Region



Production company

Audition (Remake)

Domenico Salvaggio

Melenny Productions Inc.

All We are Saying

Jacques Savoie

Novem Communications


Owen Coughlan

Silo Corporation

(The) Gyre

Arto Paragamian & Pierre Tremblay

Maeder Industries Inc.

(The) Hum

Isabelle Raynauld (Canada) & David Pearson (United Kingdom)

Cirrus Productions Inc.

Looking for Group

Ryan Sohmer

Muse Entertainment Enterprises Inc.

Marg the Movie

Mary Walsh

Cinémaginaire inc. & Morag Loves Company

My Camino

Sue Kenney & Bruce Pirrie

Cirrus Productions Inc.

Nu Shu

Allen Hatcher

Filmarto Inc.

Pink Berets

Peter Landecker

Les Productions Equinoxe Inc.

Terminal Care

Karim Hussain

Amérique Film Inc.

White Circus

Chris Lavis & Maciek Szczerbowski

Silo Corporation


Marc Tulin & Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais

Microscope Inc.


Western Region



Production company

Accidental Assassin

Gary Yates

2802031 Manitoba Inc. / 4928149 Manitoba Inc.

Awful Slimy Creature

Arne Olsen

Rampage Entertainment Inc.

Blowin’ in the Wind: The Percy Schmeiser Story

Garfield Miller & Hilary Pryor

May Street Productions Ltd.

Bow Grip

Michael St. John Smith

Red Cedar Films Inc.

Cherry Blossoms

Zoe Hopkins

Urban Rez Productions Inc.

Come Clean

Richard Bell

Dilemma Productions Inc.

(The) Dead of Winter

Allen Hatcher

Mystique Films Ltd. / BBR (2006) Productions Inc.

(The) Demonstration

Tim Carter

Contradiction Films Inc.

Dingo Radish

Jeff Martel

Stephen Onda Productions Inc.

(The) Dowry Kings

Belle Mott

Submission Film Productions Inc.

Fubar II

Paul Spence/David Lawrence/Mike Dowse

Busted Tranny Productions Ltd.


Jennifer Little

Clarity Films Inc.

Home Game

Elan Mastai

Perfect Circle Productions Ltd.

Hungry Hills

Jonathan Gary Fisher

Hungry Hills Productions Inc.

Invaders from Mars

Jeff Richards

Talelight Films Inc.

(The) Job

Kris Elgstrand

The Whatever Institute Inc.

John Hunter

Aaron Houston

Unpaved Productions Inc.

Junk Drawer

Ita Margalit

Triton Media Holdings Inc.

Munin Gaard

Donna-Lynne McGregor & Chris Cunningham

Zoot Pictures Inc.

Paradise Redrawn

George Stroumboulopoulos and Bob Mackowycz

0785878 BC Ltd.

Puppet World

Elizabeth Stewart

Perfect Circle Productions Ltd.

(The) Saltwater Decision

Aubrey Nealon

Principia Productions Ltd.

(The) Secret Life of John  McCready

Ryan Bonder

Insomnia Productions Inc.


Stephen Adams

Dreamstate Productions Limited

Somebody Else

David Spencer & Eric Finkel

Finkelfilms BC Inc.

Temple Alone

Michael Parker

Reunion Pictures Inc.

(The) Visitor

Aaron Woodley

Creative Engine Pictures Inc.


Penny Gummerson

Terminal City Pictures Ltd.


Writers First – Outline to Treatment




All I want for Christmas is to Win Top Scorer

Don Truckey

Ontario & Nunavut

Caring for Mr. Dekari

Mazdak Taebi

Ontario & Nunavut


Keith Ross Leckie

Ontario & Nunavut


Blake Corbet


(The) Most Scottish Man in the World

Iain MacLeod


(The) Murder Ballads of
Lucien LeLoup

Jesse McKeown


Operation Red Dog:  Bayou of Pigs

David “Sudz” Sutherland

Ontario & Nunavut

Return (The Sarajevo Project)

Daryl Cloran

Ontario & Nunavut


Writers First – Treatment to First Draft




All Hallows

Trevor B. Cunningham


(The) Barrens

Chaz Thorne


Follow your Star

Michael Melski


Going Down the Road, Again

Don Shebib

Ontario & Nunavut


Paula Tiberius

Ontario & Nunavut

Permanent Holiday

Tricia Fish

Ontario & Nunavut

(The) Room

Michael Giampa


What Goes Around

Andrew Pope