Industry Advisory – Telefilm Canada thanks Danny Chalifour for his contribution to developing and promoting the Canadian industry

Montréal, June 18, 2009 – The management and staff of Telefilm Canada extend thanks to their colleague Danny Chalifour, who is leaving the Corporation on June 19 after 22 years of faithful service. Demonstrating keen commitment in each of the important positions he has held, Danny Chalifour has helped the Corporation define its directions and achieve success.

His career at Telefilm has seen three phases:

  • financial analyst, head of business affairs, and head of contract management and financial planning (1987 -1994)
  • director of finance, director of finance and administration, and director of finance, administration and coproductions (1994- 2003)
  • director of operations and international development, and director of national and international business development (2003-2009)

“Client satisfaction with our services is particularly high in the area of international operations, and the leverage effect of our initiatives is vital,” said Wayne Clarkson, Executive Director of Telefilm Canada. “Danny has been quick to grasp the challenges of skills development, diversity, financing and technological shifts at Telefilm and throughout the industry. He can take pride in his team’s contribution to strategically repositioning our business activities and launching initiatives such as the Official Languages Activities Program (OLA), the Featuring Aboriginal Stories Program and the Laugh Out Loud programme (LOL). As head of finance and administration, he laid the groundwork for modern, efficient administration at Telefilm by introducing the first contract management team, the first default management policy, financial planning systems, information systems and an internal audit program.”

As a producer working in Quebec City and Montréal from 1978 to 1987, Chalifour produced more than 30 films, television programs and audiovisual products, including five features, three short dramas and several documentaries. 

“Telefilm has always demonstrated a strong capacity to adapt and innovate, and this capacity will determine its longevity,” said Chalifour. “Telefilm helped me discover a passion for management, especially for developing new talent. There’s an exciting environment here, and enthusiastic, stimulating people. But nothing I’ve accomplished over the years would have been possible without the trust, steadfast support and collaboration of the managers, professionals and support staff who have been on my teams. They deserve my sincere gratitude. Working with them has been a great pleasure. The industry still has major challenges to meet, in cooperation with Telefilm and its government partners, but what strikes me and makes me optimistic is the incredible quantity of talent we have, all across the country, in all areas of creation, production, technical work, distribution and, of course, performance.”

Sheila de la Varende is the new Director, National and International Business Development at Telefilm.