Renewed International Marketing Program – International Festival and Event Participation now open for applications

What’s new:
– Travel grants now offered to producers invited to a coproduction market
– 34 new international festivals added
– Short films eligible for increased financial assistance
– Simplified program administrative procedures

Montreal, October 25, 2016 – Telefilm Canada is now accepting International Marketing Program – International Festival and Event Participation applications. The program, which aims to increase the visibility of Canadian content through their presence at international festivals and events, was updated to better fulfill its mission and to better meet the industry’s current needs. The program is open to producers, distributors, and Canadian sales agents involved in an eligible project.

A renewed program
First introduced in 2012, the program was updated to better reflect the organization’s priority to promote Canada as a leading coproduction partner, and in order to promote a greater variety of talent and their work.

New financial assistance to participate in international coproduction markets
The program now offers travel grants to producers who have been officially invited to present projects in development at eligible coproduction markets.

34 new international festivals added
In order to better support the industry, we have added 34 new eligibile international festivals. These festivals were selected on the basis of their increased recognition, and because they are particularly open to emerging talent. Accepting first and second films, these festivals serve as major international springboards for young filmmakers.

Short films eligible for increased financial assistance The rightsholders of selected short films can now apply for financial support to cover the producer’s and director’s travel expenses, or to cover costs related to the subtitling and shipping of their project.  We seek to foster the recognition of short film talent and their works both in Canada and internationally, and believe that the incredible experience of participating at an international film festival may lead them to one day direct their first feature.

Consult the complete list of eligible festivals and events

Simplified administrative procedures to save applicants time
The program has been automated to simplify the way it works and to reduce waiting times.

Eligible costs are now fixed and are predetermined by a standardized grid that applicants fill out themselves. When an applicant meets the program’s eligibility criteria, financial assistance is granted automatically.

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