SKILLS & SCREENS PROGRAM – Visibility Evaluation Grid

Montreal – April 1, 2010 – Please take note that effective immediately a Visibility Evaluation Grid will be available on the Telefilm Canada website. This document is intended for clients’ use when preparing application submissions to the Skills & Screens Program.

The Visibility Evaluation Grid details elements to be taken into consideration when determining how to highlight Telefilm Canada’s possible financial participation in festivals and professional development activities.

Regional Directors – Business Development across Telefilm Canada’s 4 offices will continue to evaluate proposals including the visibility elements provided by the client(s).

Following consultations with industry stakeholders, Telefilm Canada launched the Skills & Screens Program to support Canadian film festivals and professional development activities for the industry. The objectives of the Skills & Screen Program reflect Telefilm’s core objectives: to increase audiences for Canadian content, to develop the capacity of Canada’s audiovisual industry, and to offer added-value to Canadians by operating as an effective and efficient administrator.

Guidelines, application forms and the visibility evaluation grid for the Skills & Screens Program are available on Telefilm’s website.

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