Statement by Robert Spickler, Chair, Telefilm Canada, on G. Grant Machum’s end of term

Statement by Robert Spickler, Chair, Telefilm Canada

“Yesterday marked the last day of G. Grant Machum’s third term as a member of Telefilm Canada’s Board, on which he served for the last twelve years.

“On behalf of my fellow Board members and employees, I wish to thank Mr. Machum for all that he accomplished, especially in serving as acting Chair for eighteen months.

“Over these many years, he has played a decisive role in guiding the future of both Telefilm and our industry, working in turn alongside Wayne Clarkson, Carolle Brabant, and, most recently, Christa Dickenson. Throughout his terms, he has demonstrated a strong sense of commitment combined with sincere generosity.

“He is to be commended for his outstanding willingness to make himself available to members of the Board and its committees during his three terms.”