Statement from G. Grant Machum, Acting Chair, Telefilm Canada

March 14, 2018 – “Today, after 28 years at Telefilm Canada, eight of which as Executive Director, Carolle Brabant leaves the organization.

“On behalf of the Board and Telefilm’s employees, I’d like to salute Carolle for her strong leadership. She worked tirelessly to bring about lasting change.

“The most important ingredient to this success was how closely she worked with the Board, aligned in our understanding of the common goal, while always respecting the other’s responsibilities.

“I look forward to continue building on her vision for the future of our industry.

“Carolle, you will be dearly missed. Today, you leave behind a stronger, more agile, more modern organization, and for that we thank you.

“Looking forward, an open, transparent, and merit-based selection process is currently underway to find the next Executive Director. As well, internal measures have been put into place to ensure the successful operations of Telefilm.

“In the meantime, clients, partners, and industry stakeholders may contact Jean-Claude Mahé.”