Telefilm launches the final stage of its consultations: Calling for written submissions

Telefilm Canada invites its partners to submit written comments on its formal proposals to revise the Success Index, the Development Program and the Talent to Watch Program. This is the final step of the extensive consultation process that was carried out since last fall. Written comments can be submitted between March 5 – 26, 2021.

Telefilm’s proposals can be viewed on the Corporation’s website. The proposals are the results of the pan-Canadian consultations from mid-September to mid-December of 2020, with the involvement of industry members participating in online surveys, public forums, sessions with members of various working groups, and meetings with key professional associations and provincial agencies.

You can submit your comments by uploading files to the following address:

Through this process, Telefilm wants to ensure that its funding programs are adapted to the many changes that the Canadian audiovisual industry is undergoing; that the values of diversity, equity and inclusion are reflected in the films supported by Telefilm; and that the Corporation supports the careers of a wide variety of creators.

Details of the consultations are available here.