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Launch of the Sortez le popcorn podcast, Season 4: Unique, behind-the-scenes access to Canadian film and exclusive interactions with homegrown talent

12 January 2024

Telefilm Canada is launching the fourth season of its Sortez le popcorn podcast, hosted by Catherine Beauchamp. The first episode, available today, features author Kim Thùy and writer/director Daniel Roby discussing biopics. Episodes will be available every Friday on Cogeco Media’s digital platforms and on Spotify, Apple and Google podcasts . The shows will also be broadcast every Saturday on Cogeco’s Montréal radio station, 98.5 FM.  

Season 4 trailer:  

“After three amazing seasons, the Sortez le popcorn podcast is back for a fourth season,” said Francesca Accinelli,  Senior Vice President, Program Strategy and Industry Development. “The podcast offers film lovers a deep insight into our film industry with its diversity of perspectives. This season offers an enriching exchange on the art of criticism, classical music in film, and much more.”  

The first three seasons of the Sortez le popcorn are available online (  

Sortez le popcorn is a podcast that focuses on French-language filmmakers and talents who have left their mark on Canadian cinema or are currently in the spotlight. In a series of entertaining interviews, the creators go behind the scenes of some of the great films they’ve worked on—and serve up some juicy stories! 

Season 4

Episode 1: Le film biographique (“Biopics”), with Kim Thúy and Daniel Roby 

Online: January 12, 2024 
On air: January 13, 2024 at noon

Season 4 kicks off with a bang with this first episode, on biopics. Bringing someone’s life story to the screen is a huge challenge. How do you tell a story authentically, whether you are sharing your own experiences or those of others? Kim Thúy, author of the recently filmed novel Ru, and Daniel Roby, writer/director of several biographical films, explore the topic in this fascinating episode.  

Episode 2: Grande entrevue (‘fireside chat”), with Marc-André Grondin  

Online: January 19, 2024 
On air: January 20, 2024 at noon

In this episode, Marc-André Grondin talks about his evolution as an actor, from his memorable role in Jean-Marc Vallée’s C.R.A.Z.Y. to his role in Richelieu, the first feature film from director Pier-Philippe Chevigny. The chameleon-like actor shares his on-set stories, talks about his moments of self-doubt, discusses his international career and highlights homegrown projects that have recently inspired him. 

Episode 3: Pleins feux sur le documentaire (“spotlight on documentary filmmaking”), with Zaynê Akyol, Léa Clermont-Dion and Ayana O-Shun 

Online : January 26, 2024 
On air: January 27, 2024 at noon

Giving a voice to the voiceless is what unites these three guests. Spotlight on documentary filmmaking with Zaynê Akyol, director of Rojek; Ayana O’Shun, director of Le Mythe de la Femme noire; and Léa Clermont-Dion, co-director of Je vous salue salope : la misogynie au temps du numérique. The three women—in tune with each other and willing to share a few confidences—paint a picture of engaged documentary filmmaking and share their experiences with the audience. 

Episode 4: L’art de la critique (“the art of film critic”) with Marc Cassivi, Denis Côté and Manon Dumais 

Online: February 9, 2024 
On air: February 10, 2024 at noon

Marc Cassivi and Manon Dumais, both reporters and columnists at La Presse, are joined by Denis Côté, screenwriter, producer, director and critic. Together, they’ll discuss the future of film critic in Quebec, its relevance, the rules of the game and much more. 

Episode 5: La réalisation (“directing”) with Monia Chokri and Ariane Louis-Seize  

Online : February 16, 2024 
On air: February 17, 2024 at noon

In this episode, Monia Chokri (director of Simple comme Sylvain, Babysitter, etc.) and Ariane Louis-Seize (director of Vampire humaniste cherche suicidaire consentant) engage in a fascinating conversation about film directing in Quebec. From creating unique—and zany—cinematic worlds to other aspects of filmmaking, the two women share the highlights and challenges of their craft. 

Episode 6: La musique au cinéma (“music in film”) with Anik Jean and Martin Léon 

Online : February 23, 2024 
On air: February 24, 2024 at noon

The final episode of the season focuses on music. Multi-hyphenates Anik Jean and Martin Léon—singer-songwriters/actors/directors—reveal the magic of music in film. A sonic journey that takes us from albums to feature films. 

Sortez le Popcorn podcast team

Based on an idea by: Catherine Beauchamp and Frédéric Perron 
Host: Catherine Beauchamp 
Director and producer: Frédéric Perron, Les productions Pushup inc. 
Audio mix: Les Productions Pushup 
Producer, Content and Research: Stéphanie Gagnon 
Coordinator: Béatrice Langlois-Bettez 
Motion design/videos : Simon Lagneau 
Videography and studio: Studio KAMPUS, Olivier Couture, Cédrick Hébert 
DA videography: Michael Lalancette 
Hair and make-up: Hélène-Manon Poudrette 

About Telefilm Canada

Telefilm is dedicated to the cultural, commercial and industrial success of the Canadian audiovisual industry. Through its various funding and promotion programs, Telefilm supports dynamic companies and talented creators at home and abroad. In addition, Telefilm makes recommendations to the Department of Canadian Heritage regarding the certification of audiovisual treaty coproductions, and administers Canada Media Fund programs. The Talent Fund, launched in 2012, accepts private donations that are used primarily to support emerging talent. Follow us on X (formerly Twitter) at, on Facebook at and visit  


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