Statement by Christa Dickenson, Executive Director & CEO, Telefilm Canada, in response to the newly granted funding by the Government of Canada

It was announced today during the tabling of the new federal budget, the Government of Canada’s intention to provide additional funding to Telefilm Canada’s budget over a three-year period.   

We greatly welcome this news and thank the Government of Canada for further contributing to the vitality of the audiovisual sector. 

Telefilm has been at the heart of the industry for over half a century. Our mandate to foster and promote the development of the audiovisual industry in Canada is as relevant today as it was when it was first implemented 

“This mandate has expanded to include measures to ensure gender parity, greater inclusion of underrepresented communities, the promotion and discoverability of online content, and coproduction and export. 

 “For several years now, the industry has been speaking out about the need to increase Telefilm’s funding in order to remain competitive and viable in the global contextWe are grateful for the industry’s support and will continue to work with all of our partners to further modernize Telefilm. 

We are also continuing our discussions with Canadian Heritage to adequately support the audiovisual industry and its creators with this increased budget.”