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Premier Writers Pilot Program – English-Language Market

24 November 2010

 A Program  For Experienced Writers

Montreal, November 23, 2010 – After conducting a thorough review of the Writers First program, Telefilm is pleased to be announcing a new program for experienced writers called Premier Writers Pilot Program.

The Premier Writers Pilot Program aims to better serve the needs of experienced screenwriters and generate high-quality productions for the Canada Feature Film Fund (CFFF) national selective and/or performance financing streams, with the intention of broadening the range and success of film projects supported by Telefilm.


• The Premier Writers Pilot Program will provide financing in the form of a non-interest bearing, repayable advance for Development Proposal to Treatment and Treatment to First Draft. The per stage writing rates are based on the IPA Agreement;

• Eligible applicants will be required to submit a full C.V. of film and/or television writing credits and meet the new eligibility criteria (See Section 2.2 of the guidelines for a complete list of enhanced eligibility criteria);

• The Premier Writers Pilot Program is now linked to an annual performance measure: 30% of the scripts must be either optioned or produced by a Canadian producer. Telefilm will assist in the development of partnerships between producers and screenwriters as necessary ; and

• The performance of the Premier Writers Pilot Program – English-Language Market will be reviewed after a 2 (two) year period and its possible renewal will be determined at that time.

This new program was developed with the support of, and in consultation with, the industry through the CFFF Working Group, whose members include representatives from the Canadian Media Producers Association and the Writers Guild of Canada.
The national deadline for application submission to the Premier Writers Pilot Program – English-Language Market is January 17, 2011.

To access the Frequently Asked Questions document and the 2010-2011 guidelines, please go to Telefilm Canada’s website.