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REMINDER: Calling for industry professionals to apply to Telefilm’s Project Financing Advisory Committees 

19 January 2023

A reminder that Telefilm Canada is inviting applicants from qualified industry professionals to lend their expertise and sit as Project Financing Advisory Committee members. Members will contribute to the evaluation of projects within one or more of the Production, Development, Theatrical Documentary and Talent to Watch programs for the 2023-2024 fiscal year. 

As part of Telefilm’s modernization efforts, Advisory Committees are created to ensure a collaborative decision-making process – drawing from each committees’ collective level of expertise and perspectives. Once selected, candidates will be engaged to support Advisory Committees across one or more of Telefilm’s programs throughout the year, in accordance with the program’s respective application periods. 

Telefilm is committed to creating balanced Advisory Committees in terms of gender and underrepresented voices, and regional representation. Diversity of viewpoints as well as levels and areas of expertise are also taken into consideration whenever possible.  The Advisory Committees supporting the Indigenous Stream and the Stream for Black and People of Colour (for the Development Program) will have representation from individuals who self-identify as Indigenous, Black, or People of Colour, as applicable. 

Telefilm will refresh membership annually to help ensure balanced representation, new perspectives, transparency, and continued expertise. As part of its commitment to a transparent decision-making process, Telefilm may publish the names of its Advisory Committee Members once the decisions have been released for all programs supported by advisory committees. 

The Project Financing Advisory Committee profile, application form and details regarding submission and the selection process can be found here.