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Statement from Christa Dickenson, Executive Director, Telefilm Canada

06 July 2020

Over the course of this weekend and Monday morning, comments on social media were brought to our attention about conduct that does not reflect our corporate values.

Members of Telefilm’s legal team are addressing the matter directly with the individual(s) in order to begin a proper evaluation. I take these matters very seriously, and we will be formally and thoroughly reviewing them.

Telefilm Canada is committed to fostering and supporting an industry that reflects a culture of mutual respect, dignity and inclusivity, and one that is free from any form of harassment and discrimination.

We are dedicated to playing a central role in ensuring that Canada’s audiovisual industry is safe and inclusive for all. I expect our employees to do the same.

Any individual that has experienced harassment, racism, discrimination, or misconduct in relation to Telefilm is encouraged to file a formal complaint. The process can be found here.

I understand that many of you want answers and solutions now, however, due to privacy concerns, we are unable to comment further.

Christa Dickenson
Executive Director
Telefilm Canada