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Telefilm Canada adopts an executive management committee that represents all areas of activity of the Corporation

06 May 2009

Montreal, May 6, 2009 – The Executive Director of Telefilm Canada, Wayne Clarkson, is pleased to announce a restructuring of Telefilm Canada’s management team, which has been increased from three to eight members and represents all areas of activity of the Corporation.  “This change will bring the executive management closer to the overall operations and enhance the flow of information inside Telefilm as well as with the Department of Canadian Heritage and our industry clients,” pointed out Mr. Clarkson.  

“I am delighted by the diversity of this committee. The Executive Management Committee contains an equal number of women and men, provides broad regional representation and a wealth of expertise, with directors who have many years of service at Telefilm, and very recent appointments such as Sheila de la Varende and Denise Arab.” 

Wayne Clarkson stressed that the changes should have only minor impact on Telefilm’ clients and day to day operations.  

Members of the Executive Management Committee
Wayne Clarkson, Executive Director
Denise Arab, Director, Communications (starting May 25; interim director: Steve Flanagan)
Carolle Brabant, Director, Administration and Corporate Services
Sheila de la Varende, Director, National and International Business Development 
Dave Forget, Director, Contracts and Certification
Elizabeth Friesen, Director, Strategic Planning and Project Development
Jean-Claude Mahé, Director, Public and Government Affairs
Michel Pradier, Director, Project Financing

This restructuring solidifies Telefilm’s efforts over recent years to clarify, simplify and improve its administration. It will maintain the principal achievements while ensuring a renewed synergy among Telefilm’s front-line decision-makers.  It will reduce the number of decision-making stages in most sectors, thus making decisions easier and improving the overall efficiency of the organization. 

Developing and promoting the Canadian audiovisual industry
Telefilm Canada is a federal cultural agency dedicated to developing and promoting the Canadian audiovisual industry. Telefilm provides financial support to the private sector to create distinctively Canadian productions that appeal to domestic and international audiences. The Corporation also administers the funding programs of the Canada Feature Film Fund, the Canadian Television Fund and the Canada New Media Fund.

For more information about Telefilm, see the full webcast of our first annual public meeting, held on April 8, 2009, available at



Media inquiries
Alejandra Sosa, Communications Officer & Press Attaché,
416-973-6436 or 1-800-463-4607,

Steve Flanagan, Interim Director, Communications,
(514) 283-6363 or 1-800-567-0890,