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Telefilm Canada announces commitment to 21 feature-length films in the English market

27 July 2022

Telefilm Canada is announcing the latest round of funding for 21 feature-length films in English and other languages from the Production Program’s February 2022 submissions, with a total commitment of $12.8 million.

Last month, Telefilm also announced a commitment to eight French-language films in the French market.

After receiving a high volume of 300+ applications this year, an advisory committee of external and internal representatives assessed the projects and made recommendations to Telefilm. The decision-making process considered Telefilm’s goal of fostering a diversity of voices in the industry and ensuring that Telefilm funds a balanced portfolio of productions that reflect a variety of genres, budgets, company sizes, regions and points of view. Names of selection committee members will be published on the Project Financing Advisory Committees webpage once all funding decisions have been made.

Akashi (drama)
Director and screenwriter: Mayumi Yoshida
Production: Musubi Arts Inc. and Experimental Forest Films Inc.
Province:  British Columbia
Languages: Japanese and English

Aversion (horror)
Director and screenwriter: Thom Fitzgerald
Production: Emotion Pictures Incorporated
Province: Nova Scotia
Language: English

Backspot (drama)
Director: D.W. Waterson
Screenwriter: Joanne Sarazen
Production: Plausible Communications Corporation
Province: Ontario
Language: English

The Bearded Girl (science fiction/fantasy/tale)
Director and screenwriter: Jody Wilson
Production: Goodbye Productions Inc.
Province: British Columbia
Languages: English

Best Boy (thriller)
Director and screenwriter: Jesse Noah Klein
Production: 9342-2947 QUÉBEC INC.
Province: Quebec
Language: English

Drive Back Home (drama)
Director and screenwriter: Michael Clowater
Production: Woods Entertainment Canada Inc. and Mason Films Inc.
Province: Ontario
Language: English

The Invisibles (drama)
Director: Andrew Currie
Screenwriters: Andrew Currie and Colin Aussant
Production: Quadrant Motion Pictures
Province: Ontario
Language: English

La Estrella al Lado de la Luna (historical drama)
Director and screenwriter: Andrea Alvarez
Production: Studio 104 Entertainment Inc. (Canada) and Imaginer Films (Colombia)
Province: British Columbia
Languages: Spanish Castillian and English

Loya (drama)
Director and screenwriter: Sibel Guvenc
Co-production: Kybele Films Inc. and Cedar Island Films Inc. (Canada) and Tradewind Pictures (Germany)
Provinces: Ontario and British Columbia
Languages: English and Turkish

Monica’s News (drama)
Director and screenwriter: Pamela Gallant
Production: Picture Plant Limited
Province: Nova Scotia
Language: English

Motherhood (drama)
Director and screenwriter: Meryam Joobeur
Co-production: Leona Films Inc. (Canada) and Tanit Films (France)
Province: Quebec
Languages: Arabic

The Music Box (science fiction/fantasy/tale)
Director: Jay Dahl
Screenwriters: Jay Dahl, Kristin Langille
Production: Black Dog Films Inc. and Connections Productions Inc.
Province: Nova Scotia
Language: English

Paying For It (romantic comedy)
Director: Sook-Yin Lee
Screenwriters: Sook-Yin Lee and Joanne Sarazen
Production: Wildling Pictures Inc. and Hawkeye Pictures Inc.
Province: Ontario
Language: English

Replacer (horror)
Director: Randall Okita
Screenwriter: Zac Thompson
Production: Play Management Media Inc.
Province: Ontario
Language: English

Re: Uniting (drama)
Director and screenwriter: Laura Adkin
Production: Re Uniting Productions Inc.
Province: British Columbia
Language: English

Sacred Creatures (drama)
Director and screenwriter: Frieda Luk
Production: Frirange Films Inc. (Canada) and Doppio Nodo Double Bind (Italy)
Province: British Columbia
Languages: English and Italian

Shook (drama)
Director: Amar Wala
Screenwriters: Amar Wala and Adnan Khan
Production: Scarborough Pictures Inc. and Film Forge Productions Inc.
Province: Ontario
Languages: English and Hindi

Sweet Angel Baby (drama)
Director and screenwriter: Melanie Oates
Production: Relatable Films Inc.
Province: Newfoundland and Labrador
Language: English

There, There (drama)
Director and screenwriter: Heather Young
Production: Houseplant Films Inc. and Brass Door Productions Inc.
Province: Nova Scotia
Language: English

This Too Shall Pass (drama)
Director and screenwriter: Rob Grant
Production:  Peterson Polaris Corp.
Province: Alberta
Language: English

Une langue universelle (comedy)
Director and screenwriter: Matthew Rankin
Production: Metafilms Inc.
Province: Quebec
Language: Persian, French and English


About Telefilm Canada

As a Partner of Choice, Telefilm Canada is a Crown corporation dedicated to the success of the Canadian audiovisual industry, fostering access and excellence through programming that supports cultural resonance and public engagement. Telefilm supports dynamic companies and creative talent in Canada and around the world, always with an eye to equity, inclusion and sustainability. In addition, it makes recommendations to the Department of Canadian Heritage regarding the certification of treaty audiovisual co-productions, and administers the Canada Media Fund programs. Launched in 2012, the Talent Fund accepts private donations that are primarily used to support emerging talent. Visit and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.



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