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Telefilm Canada Announces Revisions to International Coproduction Guidelines

29 November 2010

Montreal – November 29, 2010 – Telefilm Canada is issuing today updated guidelines for the certification of International Coproduction. These guidelines will provide Canadian producers with the necessary information regarding the requirements and procedures to be followed when applying for an international coproduction certification.

The guideline-revision process was conducted to improve customer service.

  1. Align with current best practices

  2. Harmonize the vocabulary and layout of the guidelines with other guidelines of other programs

The following documents were also revised to improve clarity and to ensure consistency with the revised guidelines:

Telefilm Canada is committed to providing effective, flexible and efficient service to its clients. As such, it will continuously look for new and better ways to provide service.

For more information please contact:

Brigitte Monneau

514 283-0838 poste 2155




Marielle Poupelin

514 283-0838 poste 2030