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Telefilm Canada announces the opening dates of the 2023-2024 General Admission Festivals Program

27 April 2023

Telefilm Canada wishes to inform industry members of the upcoming opening dates of the General Admission Festivals Program. This new program replaces the General Admission Stream of the Promotion Program. Through the General Admission Festivals Program, Telefilm Canada seeks to financially support small and emerging film festivals that are aimed at the general public. 

Opening dates: 

  • May 15, 2023 to May 19, 2023: for festivals starting between October 1, 2023, and March 31, 2024  
  • October 30, 2023 to November 3, 2023: for festivals starting between April 1, 2024, and September 30, 2024 

No applications will be accepted after the closing date of the program. 

Here are some highlights of the parameters of this new program: 

  • Festivals must take place over three consecutive days or longer in the same city or regional municipality 
  • Festivals must have held at least two editions prior to the edition seeking funding support 
  • Telefilm’s financial participation will be in the form of a non-recoupable contribution of $5,000, which may be increased, in Telefilm’s discretion, to up to $15,000, dependent on the number of applications and availability of funds  
  • Reopening funds have now been fully administered and will no longer be available as an additional top-up for funded festivals 

For more information, please visit the program webpage