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Telefilm Canada finances the production of eight English-language projects through the Canada Feature Film Fund

23 July 2009

Montreal, July 23, 2009 – Telefilm Canada is delighted to announce that eight new English-language projects across the country have been selected to receive financial support through the selective component of the feature film production programs of the Canada Feature Film Fund, as well as the Low Budget Independent Feature Film Assistance Program.

“Telefilm is proud of the most recent projects selected for production investment at the regional level,” stated Stephanie Azam, National Feature Film Executive – English language, Telefilm. “Our regional teams are continuing their commitment to developing and supporting local, emerging talent.”

Canada Feature Film Fund – Regional Investments

High Cost of Living (Quebec Region; Suki Films Inc.; Producers:  Kimberley Berlin, Heidi Levitt & Susan Schneir; Director/Writer:  Deborah Chow; Distributor:  Filmoption International Inc.; Telefilm investment:  $700,000). On a snowy winter night, Nathalie’s world is torn apart when she loses her child in a hit and run accident.  But as her life unravels she finds an unlikely protector in Henry, and soon finds herself falling in love with the down and out stranger who seems mysteriously driven to help her.

Hungry Hills (Western Region; Hungry Hills Productions Inc. (2008); Executive Producers: Jennifer Jonas, Leonard Farlinger & Gerard Demaer; Producers: Rhonda Baker, Avi Federgreen, Rob King & Gary Fisher; Director: Rob King; Writer: Gary Fisher, adapted from the novel by George Ryga; Telefilm Investment: $550,000).  After overcoming his troubled past and confronting the man who sent him away, a teenage boy defiantly claims his rightful place in the community that shunned him.

Low Budget Independent Feature Film Assistance Program
– Regional Investments

Black Field (Western Region; Black Field Productions Inc.; Producers: Kent Ulrich, Jeff Skinner & Ashley Hirt; Director: Danishka Esterhazy; Writer: Danishka Esterhazy; Telefilm Investment: $200,000). A dark, historical drama set in 19th century rural Canada.  It is a gothic tale about two sisters, the man that comes between them, and the tragedy that results.

Candyland (Western Region; Mutant Films Inc.; Producers: Kate Twa & Ronan Reinart; Director: Kate Twa; Writer: Kate Twa; Telefilm Investment: $100,000).  Terry and Jay King are brothers.  Terry cooks but doesn’t use; Jay deals and uses too much.  Crystal Meth.  When Jay meets Paul Moon, the two decide to trash their teenage angst in favour of wonder and adventure.  These kids just want to be kids, and on a five-day binge they chase the high until their voracious craving leads them to devastating ends.

Eddie (Quebec Region; Majika Pictures Inc. & Quiet Revolutions Pictures; Producers:  Boris Rodriguez & Michael Dobbin; Director/Writer:  Boris Rodriguez; Telefilm investment:  $200,000). A once-famous painter rediscovers inspiration when he befriends a sleepwalking cannibal.

Modra (Ontario & Nunavut Regions; PUNK Films Inc.; Producer/Director/Writer:  Ingrid Veninger; Telefilm investment:  $135,000). Modra is a coming-of-age tale of first love involving a teenage girl at a crossroads. From the co-writer/director of the recent critically acclaimed micro-budget film Only, in this film a girl finds herself by exploring her cultural heritage during an Eastern European vacation.

Peepers (Quebec Region; Peepers Mania Productions Inc.; Producers:  Seth W. Owen & Andi State; Director:  Seth W. Owen; Writers: Seth W. Owen, Daniel Perlmutter and Mark Slutsky; Telefilm investment:  $200,000). A bold comedy, Peepers reveals the impassioned, oddball world of five compulsive (somewhat bumbling) voyeurs.  The Peepers spend their leisure time on darkened rooftops, wielding binoculars and walkie talkies, staring into people’s most private moments. This is the story of the Peepers: their lives, their loves, and their unending search for the perfect peep.

Zooey & Adam (Western Region; Bedbugs Films Inc.; Producer: Sean Garrity; Director: Sean Garrity; Writer: Sean Garrity; Telefilm Investment: $60,000). Adam and Zooey have been unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant for seven months, only to end up pregnant after a rape.  Unsure of the paternity of their child, they decide to have it anyway. 

Telefilm Canada: Developing and promoting the Canadian audiovisual industry

Telefilm Canada is a federal cultural agency dedicated to developing and promoting the Canadian audiovisual industry. Telefilm provides financial support to the private sector to create distinctively Canadian productions that appeal to domestic and international audiences. The Corporation also administers the funding programs of the Canadian Feature Film Fund, the Canadian Television Fund and the Canada New Media Fund.

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