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Telefilm Canada funds Boris sans Béatrice, Mission Yéti and Votez Bougon for a total of more than $4 million

12 March 2015

Films starring Rémy Girard, Antoine Bertrand and James Hyndman, among others

Montreal, March 12, 2015 — Telefilm Canada is pleased to be funding three French-language feature films through the Canada Feature Film Fund (CFFF) for a total of more than $4 million. The films to be funded are Boris sans Béatrice, by Denis Côté, Mission Yéti, an animated movie by Pierre Greco and Nancy Florence Savard, and Votez Bougon—which will feature the well-known characters from the TV series Les Bougons—by Jean-François Pouliot.

Telefilm announced its most recent English- and French-language funding decisions in December and September 2014.

Boris sans Béatrice
Director: Denis Côté (Vic + Flo ont vu un ours, Curling)
Writer: Denis Côté
Production: Metafilms
Confirmed key cast: James Hyndman (Trauma)

Living somewhere in present-day Quebec, Boris Malinowski has achieved all his goals. A freethinker, open-minded and proud, he also displays a certain arrogance when it comes to his successes. For some time now, his wife Béatrice, a Canadian government minister, has been bedridden, suffering from a mysterious depression. To escape from his wife’s agony, Boris begins a relationship with a colleague, Helga, and gets close to Klara, a young woman who works as a maid in Boris’s home. The sudden appearance of a stranger in his life forces Boris to come face-to-face with the world, with everything he takes for granted, with all his certainties.

Mission Yéti
Directors: Pierre Greco (Le Coq de St-Victor), Nancy Florence Savard (La légende de Sarila)
Writers: Pierre Greco, André Morency
Production: Productions 10e Ave

Quebec, 1955. The destinies of two people accidentally cross paths: Nelly Maloye, a young detective-in-training, and Simon Picard, a university researcher and anthropologist. With the support of a patron who yearns for glory, Nelly—intuitive and disorderly—and Simon—methodical and obsessive—embark on a wild adventure aimed a proving that the abominable snowman really exists. To help them in their mission, Simon relies on a coded journal which had belonged to a now-vanished explorer and that should lead them to the lair of the mythical creature. Accompanied by Tensing Gombu, a young, clever and enigmatic Sherpa guide, and Jasmin, a chatty minah bird, the group must confront a thousand and one dangers in the heart of the Himalayas in their quest for the legendary beast: the yeti!

Votez Bougon
Director: Jean-François Pouliot (La grande séduction)
Writers: François Avard, Louis Morissette, Jean-François Mercier
Production: Aetios Productions
Confirmed key cast: Rémy Girard (Les invasions barbares), Antoine Bertrand (Louis Cyr : l’homme le plus fort du monde), Louison Danis, Hélène Bourgeois-Leclerc, Claude Laroche

The everyday, ordinary lives of the Bougon clan are turned upside down when Papa Bougon appears on a TV show and, after launching an attack on “the system,” announces that he is going into politics. Papa’s political equation is as follows: he only has to rely on the votes of people who are fed up to win the election. Supported by his family, he founds the Parti de l’Écœurement National—the “National I’ve-Had-Enough Party”—which immediately climbs to the top of the polls.

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