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Telefilm Canada funds the production of four French-language feature films, of which two are directed, produced and written by women

24 July 2017

Today’s announcement represents a total of $1.5 million invested

Montreal, July 24, 2017 – Telefilm Canada is financing the production of four French-language feature films with a budget of $2.5 million or less for a total amount of $1.5 million.

Two of the films are directed, written and produced by women: Les Nôtres, by Jeanne Leblanc, and Le Sucre naturel de la peau, by Renée Beaulieu. Éric Morin is directing Gold, and Jocelyn Forgues is directing Noël en boîte, a French-language film from outside Quebec produced by Sarah Fodey of Ontario.

“Telefilm has committed to ensuring gender parity in the key roles of directing, producing and screenwriting by 2020, while still offering solid support to a diverse slate of projects and to emerging talent,” said Carolle Brabant, Executive Director of Telefilm Canada. “Today’s announcement highlights young, dynamic production companies, and fully reflects this policy direction.”

Projects having received the greenlight by Telefilm Canada

Writer/director: Éric Morin
Production company: Parce Que Films
Producer: David Pierrat

A second feature film by Éric Morin (Chasse au Godard d‘Abbittibbi).

Marianne, a musician who has worked mainly in Europe, returns to her hometown 10 years after a mining disaster claimed the lives of 68 people, among them her parents. She reunites with her family and joins a rock band, Gold, led by two childhood friends. One of the two band members was her first love, while the other was the sole survivor of the mining disaster. Marianne isn’t the only person for whom the 10th anniversary opens old wounds.

Noël en boîte
Writer/director: Jocelyn Forgues
Production company: SandBay Entertainment
Producer: Sarah Fodey

A first feature film by Jocelyn Forgues.

Sophie, a U.S. TV star, finds out shortly before Christmas that she is the subject of compromising photos. Under the pretext of granting the photographer an exclusive interview in exchange for the pictures, the young woman invites him to spend Christmas at her aunt’s in northern Ontario. Will Sophie successfully come to terms with her painful past?

Les Nôtres
Director: Jeanne Leblanc
Writer: Judith Baribeau and Jeanne Leblanc
Production company: Les Films de l’Hydre
Producer: Marie-Hélène Panisset and Marianne Farley

A first feature film by Jeanne Leblanc.

Magalie, 13, is pregnant. Fingers are pointed at Manuel, a teen of Mexican origin who lives with a foster family headed by the town’s mayor. But the carefully maintained social veneer soon begins to crack, bringing to light a number of family dramas.

Le Sucre naturel de la peau
Director, producer, writer: Renée Beaulieu
Production company: Les Productions du moment

Second feature film by Renée Beaulieu (Le Garagiste).

Marie-Claire, 45, undertakes scientific research on the link between skin cells and sexuality. When her friend and head of the department, Alexandre, is charged with sexual assault by a female student, Marie-Claire begins to question her own sexual life, sexuality in general and her role as a parent.

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