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Telefilm Canada invites members of the industry to register on the brand new Panoscope platform

25 August 2022

Hub for business intelligence in film

For more than five years, Telefilm has been making many efforts to promote access and discoverability of Canadian feature films. Theatres and distributors play a key role in this mission.

That is why, to better understand the challenges of the pandemic and the obstacles that hinder the distribution of Canadian films, Telefilm has sought the views of independent theatre owners and distributors. The finding indicates that the creation of a bilingual pan-Canadian tool connected to a recognized database would strengthen the industry, allowing its members to find at a single address:

  1. The schedule, updated daily, of theatrical and digital releases;
  2. Metadata, images and trailers (mp4, DCP, etc.) of all feature films present in Canada’s broadcasting ecosystem;
  3. The contacts of all players in the film value chain (distributors, broadcasters, producers, media, etc.)
  4. User-friendly reports compiling key industry data.

Panoscope will be launched in fall 2022. But you can now register on the platform. This will guarantee you will be one of the first to be informed of its online release and allow you to take advantage of a free one-year subscription.

Panoscope is an initiative of Mediafilm supported by the Ambition numérique (digital ambition) program of the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec as well as by Telefilm Canada.