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Telefilm Canada launches Eco-responsibility Action Plan

03 February 2022

In alignment with the Government of Canada’s commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. 

Telefilm Canada is launching its action plan on eco-responsibility – the first phase of its commitment. The plan aims to lead and support the industry through informed business practices and the establishing of science-based policies and targets. This commitment will be implemented throughout Telefilm’s programs, initiatives, promotion and communications efforts, research, training, business practices and HR policies. 

“Inspired by the Indigenous practices and their relation to the land and the environment, as well as the progressive work done by industry partners in Canada and around the globe, we have made a commitment to take greater action,” said Christa Dickenson, Executive Director and CEO, Telefilm Canada. “In recent years, we have made strides to help reduce our environmental impact in how we work. We have begun by setting up greener Canada pavilions and offering producers the possibility to submit sustainability plans as part of their funding applications. Now, in consultation with subject experts, we are setting clear objectives, timelines and performance indicators to enhance accountability.”  

To view the full action plan, please click here.  

Action plan priorities  

 This initiative covers three key areas of activities: Organizational, Production and Promotion. 

  1. Telefilm will establish a science-based target and timeline to reduce its energy consumption and carbon emissions in alignment with the set target. It will report annually on its progress. This corporate assessment will cover Telefilm’s offices and its various Pavilions – everywhere they do business.
  2. With its industry partners, Telefilm will support the implementation of validated carbon-emission reporting protocols for its portfolio of funded productions, to help establish viable reduction targets.
  3. In collaboration with its Canadian festival partners, Telefilm will establish an emission reduction policy framework and reporting protocol for its promotional programs.
  4. Telefilm will support research on sustainability practices and trends that contribute to raising awareness and building capacity across the industry’s value chain.
  5. Telefilm will assess all relevant corporate policies and business practices to ensure they serve its commitment and reduction targets.
  6. Telefilm will prioritize collective action on eco-responsibility by building internal capacity that empower employees to implement change.
  7. Telefilm will establish a multi-level stakeholder consultation plan, with public- and private-industry partners, to support its environmental objectives and advance sustainable industry practices. 


About Telefilm Canada 

As a Partner of Choice, Telefilm Canada is a Crown corporation dedicated to the success of Canada’s audiovisual industry, fostering access and excellence by delivering programs that support cultural resonance and audience engagement. With a lens of equity, inclusivity and sustainability, Telefilm bolsters dynamic companies and a range of creative talent at home and around the world. Telefilm also makes recommendations regarding the certification of audiovisual coproduction treaties to the Minister of Canadian Heritage, and administers the programs of the Canada Media Fund. Launched in 2012, the Talent Fund raises private donations which principally support emerging talent. Visit and follow us on Twitter and on Facebook at



Media contact: 

Joyce Richards
Advisor, Public Relations – English Market
Telefilm Canada