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Telefilm Canada launches industry survey on authentic storytelling

02 August 2022

Following its commitment earlier this spring regarding authentic storytelling, Telefilm Canada is conducting an industry survey on best practices, which will lead to the membership of the Subcommittee on Authentic Storytelling.

Telefilm continues to work together with the industry in building more representative screen-based storytelling. It is launching a survey to learn more about what members of the industry are currently doing to further authentic storytelling, as well as receive feedback on roles that Canadian institutions like Telefilm can play.

There are best practices that the Canadian film industry can collectively apply, learn from, and build on to support authentic storytelling and Telefilm is looking to collect these best practices in the Canadian context and within projects submitted for funding.

Responses to the survey may also result in Telefilm inviting contributors to be part of an industry subcommittee on authentic storytelling. Participants may indicate if they would like to be considered as part of completing the survey.

To learn more and access the survey, please click here.

Responses can be submitted online until 12:00 pm (EST) on Monday, August 22.