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Telefilm Canada launches its 2009-2010 corporate-plan priorities and holds its first annual national public meeting

07 April 2009

Montreal, April 7, 2009 – Telefilm Canada releases today the priorities from its corporate plan for the 2009-2010 fiscal year. This year will focus on the continuation of the Corporation’s objectives and the transition toward a new model of support for the television and interactive-media industries.

“Our corporate plan, From cinemas to cell phones: Telefilm Canada responds to the multiplatform challenge, remains relevant,” Telefilm Canada’s chair Michel Roy maintains. “Canadians will continue to have more access to Canadian content on a multitude of platforms. Going backwards is not an option. The impact of digital technologies and of the value chain of digital media will therefore remain a central theme in our strategic initiatives.”

Telefilm’s three fundamental objectives remain: to increase audiences, to develop the potential of the audiovisual industry, and to administer public and private funds in an exemplary manner.

“Telefilm will actively support the film, television, and interactive-media industries, whether as investor, administrator, or partner in public-private collaborations, stated Executive Director of Telefilm Wayne Clarkson.

“From now until the establishment of the Canada Media Fund in April 2010, we will collaborate fully with the government, the board of directors of the new Fund, and with the industry to ensure the best transition possible to the new model. As for the Canada Feature Film Fund, we will focus on diversity of production, an increase in coproductions, developing emerging markets, and access to feature films on mobile platforms.”

Telefilm considers the satisfaction of its clients to be its main performance indicator. To this end, during the next year, the Corporation will pursue its continuing strategies on information and consultation with regard to the industry.

Telefilm Canada’s first annual public meeting – April 8, 2009
Telefilm Canada will hold its first annual public meeting on Wednesday, April 8, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., Eastern Time.  The meeting will take place in Montreal and will be webcast live. The Corporation gladly invites the public to use this opportunity to become more familiar with its board of directors, its activities, and the issues it shares with the industry. The webcast of the meeting will allow interaction between Internet users and Telefilm’s chair and executive director.  

Note: The webcast of Telefilm Canada’s 2009 annual public meeting will be archived on its Web site and will be available throughout the coming year.

Development and promotion of the Canadian audiovisual industry
Telefilm Canada is a federal cultural organization dedicated to the development and promotion of the Canadian audiovisual industry. Telefilm offers financial support to the private sector in the creation of distinctly Canadian products that appeal to a national and an international audience. The Corporation also administers funding programs for the Canada Feature Film Fund, the Canadian Television Fund, and the Canada New Media Fund.


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