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Telefilm Canada relaunches the Talent to Watch Program 

29 September 2021

Telefilm Canada would like to inform Canadian filmmakers and industry partners of the opening date of the Talent to Watch Program for fiscal 2022-2023, as well as the changes made as part of Telefilm’s optimization efforts.  

In September 2020, Telefilm launched  the extensive, open, and transparent pan-Canadian consultations in both Official Languages to review the Success Index, the Development Program, and the Talent to Watch Program. The pan-Canadian consultations were conducted with the industry through online surveys, public forums, working sessions with members of different Telefilm partner groups, meetings with key professional associations and provincial agencies, and a call for written comments on Telefilm’s formal proposals  – which ended on April 6.  

In this final phase of the consultations, Telefilm received 40 written submissions from across the country, from coast to coast to coast, demonstrating a wide range of views. Changes made to the Talent to Watch Program reflect the comments and opinions received during these consultations. Telefilm will continue its work to align its  other programs with the results of these consultations over the coming months.   

Key dates:
Opening date:  April 19, 2022
Closing date:  May 3, 2022

Some important changes: 

  • The maximum assistance per project is increased to $250,000 for fiction feature films, and $150,000 for documentaries  
  • The production budget maximum has been increased to $500,000  
  • Eligibility requirements have been opened up to include other industry-related experience  
  • Access to the Program has been expanded: a new direct application stream for Underrepresented Filmmakers is being introduced  
  • A new mentorship program, administered by the NSI and the INIS, will be available and required for all teams.   
  • The Fast Track Stream is being discontinued. 

Please consult the guidelines, eligibility and assessment criteria, as well as other important information, regarding all changes made to the Talent to Watch Program.