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Telefilm Canada releases its Indigenous Reconciliation Plan

19 October 2023

Telefilm Canada has released its Indigenous Reconciliation Plan as part of the continual nature of reconciliation and a desire to maintain a reciprocal relationship with Indigenous creators and partners.

The Indigenous Reconciliation Plan was crafted through a collaborative process spanning over two years, gathering valuable input from Telefilm’s Indigenous Working Group meetings, personal interactions with filmmakers, and dialogues with key Indigenous partner organizations.

As a living document, this plan will be informed by ongoing consultation, partnership, as well as industry and community needs. The intention is that this document will be updated every three years following the completion of previous initiatives in line with our commitments.

Structured around four core areas, this plan reflects the different aspects of Telefilm’s mission and operations: Strengthen, Expand, Engage and Learn. The Indigenous Reconciliation Plan is now available here.