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Telefilm Canada releases its strategic and corporate plans for 2024-2027 

23 April 2024

Telefilm Canada is proud to release its strategic and corporate plans for 2024-2027. The result of a rigorous and participatory collaborative process with the industry and taking into account important challenges, these plans will guide the organization’s actions to maximize its impact for the greatest benefit of the sector and audiences. Over the next three years, Telefilm will bring its vision to fruition through a series of concrete, measurable initiatives based on the following three strategic priorities: 

  • Conduct a strategic review of its programs and initiatives to maximize its impact on the industry and the public 
  • Evolve organizational culture and optimize operational efficiency 
  • Play a leading role in the modernization of the audiovisual sector with its various partners. 

These priorities are guided by Telefilm’s ongoing commitment to supporting the audiovisual industry through direct investments in films, the administration of Canada Media Fund programs and by recommending international audiovisual coproductions. 

” At Telefilm Canada, we are proud to promote and celebrate stories that reflect the diversity of voices and communities that make up Canada today,” said Julie Roy, Executive Director and CEO, Telefilm Canada. ” Feature films are the epicentre of our relationships with partners and audiences at home and abroad. They transcend cultural, social and linguistic borders, inviting us to explore our shared humanity and in doing so bring us closer together. It is with a determination to strengthen the mobilizing power of Canadian and Indigenous cinema that we present our 2024-2027 strategic plan.” 

View the strategic and corporate plans here


Media contact 

Joyce Richards 
Advisor, Public Relations 
Telefilm Canada