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Telefilm Canada Releases New Corporate Plan

12 September 2022

Telefilm Canada is releasing a new Corporate Plan for 2022-2024. This plan will guide the organization’s actions aimed at achieving its strategic objectives. Over the next 18 months, Telefilm will deliver on its vision through a series of measurable initiatives based on the following three strategic priorities:  

  • Continue to support a sustainable and inclusive audiovisual ecosystem
  • Amplify the corporation’s internal expertise and optimize its operational capacity
  • Solidify and attract new funding sources

These strategic priorities are guided by Telefilm’s determination to provide a public service that reflects Canada in all its diversity. To this end, Telefilm will introduce nine initiatives in the coming months.

The benefit of an 18-month corporate plan is to allow for greater flexibility and nimbleness required to respond rapidly to the needs of an industry facing enormous challenges posed by the global environment.  

Consult Telefilm Canada’s 2022-2024 Corporate Plan here