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Telefilm Canada reopens the Development Program for fiscal year 2023-2024 

14 June 2023

Telefilm Canada is announcing its reopening dates to the Development Program for this fall with updated Guidelines for fiscal year 2023-2024. 

The Development Program finances Canadian feature films at the development stage and is comprised of four streams: Prequalified Stream, General Stream, Indigenous Stream and Stream for Black and People of Colour.  

All production companies eligible under the Prequalified Stream will receive a notification of their eligibility and the amount of eligible funding through Dialogue on Wednesday, June 14, 2023.  

Key dates:

  • Opening date: September 18, 2023 
  • Closing date: October 10, 2023 

Important changes:  

  • In the Prequalified Stream, Telefilm’s maximum financial participation increases to:  
    • Tier A: $125,000
    • Tier B: $75,000
    • Tier C: $37,500
  • In the General Stream, the Indigenous Stream and the Stream for Black and People of Colour, Telefilm’s maximum financial participation increases to $37,500 
  • Improved access to the General Stream for applicant companies which are majority-owned and controlled by Indigenous persons, Black and/or People of Colour 
  • The requirements in terms of previous production experience in the selective streams are now directly related to the individual producer, not to the applicant company. Further, the reference period has been removed.

All applicants are encouraged to read the updated Guidelines and Essential Information Guide available on the Development Program webpage. 

For information on how to apply to Telefilm’s funding programs, please visit How to Apply on our website.