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Telefilm Canada supports eight feature-length documentaries in the French market 

21 July 2023

Telefilm Canada is announcing its commitment to eight feature-length documentaries that will receive funding under the Theatrical Documentary Program – French-Language Market, for a total of $1.65 million.   

An advisory committee of external and internal representatives assessed the projects and made recommendations to Telefilm. The decision-making process considered Telefilm’s goal of fostering a diversity of voices in the industry, ensuring that Telefilm funds a balanced portfolio of productions that reflect a variety of genres, budgets and company sizes and points of view. 

Under this program, Telefilm continues to support Canadian production companies looking to finance feature-length documentary projects in both production and post-production.  

La bataille de Saint-Léonard 
Director and screenwriter: Félix Rose 
Production: 9249-7189 Québec Inc. (Picbois Productions) 
Distributor: Maison 4 :3 
Province: Quebec  
Language: French 

Deleau : le cinéma en liberté 
Director and screenwriter: Michel LaVeaux 
Production: Item 7 Inc.  
Coproduction: Les Films d’ici S.A.S. Coproduction (France) 
Distributor: Sphère Films 
Province:  Quebec 
Language: French 

Mon amour : c’est pour le restant de mes jours 
Director and screenwriter: André-Line Beauparlant 
Production: 9174-5018 Québec Inc. 
Distributor: Maison 4 :3 
Province:  Quebec 
Language: French 

Dans la forêt 
Director and screenwriter: Pascale Ferland 
Production: Les Productions des Films de l’Autre Inc. 
Distributor: Les Films du 3 mars 
Province:  Quebec 
Languages: French and Anishinabe 

Director and screenwriter: Oksana Karpovych 
Production: Les Films Cosmos inc./ Cosmos films inc. 
Coproduction: Hutong Productions (France) and Moon Man Productions (Ukraine) 
Distributor: Les Films du 3 mars 
Province: Quebec 
Language: Russian 

Michel Brault : l’instinct de vue 
Director and screenwriter: Frédérick Pelletier 
Production: Corporation de développement et de production ACPAV Inc. 
Distributor: National Film Board 
Province:  Quebec 
Language: French 

Que le silence ne l’emporte pas 
Director and co-director: Catherine Hébert and Elric Robichon
Screenwriter: Catherine Hébert 
Production: 9097-4767 Québec Inc. (Films Camera Oscura) 
Distributor: Les Films du 3 mars 
Province: Quebec 
Languages: French, English, Bengali, Arabic and Mandarin  

Director and screenwriter: Nadia Louis-Desmarchais  
Production: Pimiento médias Inc. 
Distributor: Noble Arts Inc. 
Province: Quebec  
Language: French 

More production funding decisions will be announced in the coming weeks. Statistics on all films funded in this fiscal year will be released once all funding decisions have been made.   

Names of selection committee members will be published on the Project Financing Advisory Committees webpageonce all funding decisions have been made.   

About Telefilm Canada  

As a Partner of Choice, Telefilm Canada is a Crown corporation dedicated to the success of the Canadian audiovisual industry, fostering access and excellence through programming that supports cultural resonance and public engagement. Telefilm supports dynamic companies and creative talent in Canada and around the world, always with an eye to equity, inclusion and sustainability. In addition, it makes recommendations to the Department of Canadian Heritage regarding the certification of treaty audiovisual co-productions, and administers the Canada Media Fund programs. Launched in 2012, the Talent Fund accepts private donations that are primarily used to support emerging talent. Visit and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  


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