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Telefilm Canada supports the production of five new French-language feature films

20 December 2012

First round of decisions under the new Canada Feature Film Fund Production Program for French-language productions for 2013-2014

Montreal, December 20, 2012 Telefilm Canada is pleased to announce that it will support the production of five new French-language feature films through the Canada Feature Film Fund. This is the first round of decisions under the new Production Program for French-language Productions for 2013-2014, which has no deadlines for submissions. The new Program is expected to process applications much faster, taking about half the time required before. Decisions will be announced on a regular basis as more applications are received and decisions are made.

“Telefilm is proud to launch the 2013-2014 Production Program by announcing our support for five promising feature films,” said Carolle Brabant, Executive Director of Telefilm Canada. “The five projects, 1987, Au champ de mars, Le temps que durent les roses, Qu’est-ce qu’on fait ici? and Ensemble, highlight Quebec talent in all its creative diversity. The themes they address, ranging from drama to comedy, will certainly appeal to a wide variety of audiences at home and abroad.”

Director and writer: Ricardo Trogi
Production: Go Films
Distribution: Alliance Vivafilm

In this sequel to the film 1981, we follow the adventures of the smallest mafia in North America. 1987—the year Ricardo became a gangster!

Au champ de mars
Director: Émile Gaudreault
Writer: Pierre-Michel Tremblay
Production: Cinémaginaire
Distribution: Alliance Vivafilm

To make his great war movie, Marco Valois is determined to meet a young soldier just returned from Kandahar and suffering from post-traumatic stress. He is convinced that this will flesh out his story and make it more authentic and true to life. Marco makes contact with a young soldier named Éric. But Éric—unpredictable, fragile, in emotional turmoil—does not open up easily. Marco will do whatever it takes to get Éric to tell his story—even cross a forbidden line that Éric’s psychiatrist has warned against. Marco takes it upon himself to bring Éric home for a family visit, in the hope that Éric will talk. He has to get his “story.” But when all is revealed, is a good story really based on truth?

Le temps que durent les roses
Director: Alexis Durand-Brault
Writers: Sophie Lorain and Catherine Léger
Production: Forum Films 2005
Distribution: Les Films Christal

Julie has only two races to go to win the Women’s Road Cycling World Cup. For Julie, her coach JP, her father Alain and her sponsor Reno+, it’s the culmination of years of intense work. This is her moment in the spotlight, and she’s going to shine. But when Dr. Henry exposes her for using performance-enhancing drugs, Julie hotly denies cheating, since as she sees it she’s just playing the game in professional sport—she’s not really “guilty.” She manages to keep up appearances and keep her place on the Reno+ team for the final stage in Belgium. But after being left in the lurch by her entourage and ostracized by her peers, Julie is badly shaken. Feeling alone, victimized and guilty, she is tempted to look elsewhere…

Qu’est-ce qu’on fait ici?
Director and writer: Julie Hivon
Production: Films 53/12
Distribution: K-Films Amérique

Ian, Simon, Roxanne, Maxime and her sister Lily are all in their early twenties. The age when anything seems possible. Old friends, all embarking on their professional lives. And then, one fine summer afternoon, young Ian crashes his car into a telephone pole and is killed on the spot. The other old friends’ lives are turned upside down. A story of a summer when their world topples, and their points of reference change in a moment. When friends are lost, and found again. A story of death, friendship…and the meaning of life.

Director and writer: Nicolas Roy
Production: Les Films du Boulevard
Distribution: K-Films Amérique

At the age of 35, Marc is living in a poor neighbourhood in Montreal, where he and his father, Pierre, run an auto repair garage. To make ends meet, they take up various forms of petty crime in tandem: theft, loansharking, fencing stolen goods. Before long, Pierre urges his son to try more and more ambitious robberies. Marc is already feeling the pressure, and it soon becomes unmanageable. To escape the situation, he decides to go back and live in the country with his son and his wife, who he separated from a few years earlier. Against every expectation, they let him back into their lives, and Marc embarks on a long, hard road to redemption. 

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