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Telefilm Canada supports the production of five new French-language feature films for a total amount of $3.7 million

09 May 2013

Montreal, May 9, 2013 – Telefilm Canada is pleased to announce that it will support the production of five new French-language feature films through the Canada Feature Film Fund. The films selected are Autrui (Micheline Lanctôt), Exit (Carole Laure), Forget me not (François Delisle), La guerre des tuques 3D (Jean-François Pouliot and François Brisson) and N.O.I.R. (Yves-Christian Fournier).

“The diversity of the films attests to our commitment to reach a wide range of audiences,” said Carolle Brabant, Executive Director of Telefilm Canada. “Filmgoers will have the opportunity to rediscover a classic, La guerre des tuques, in animation and 3D. In addition, we have selected films from renowned directors whose cinéma d’auteur has been featured in festivals throughout the world.”

Director and writer: Micheline Lanctôt
Production and distribution: Reprise Films
Distribution: Metropole Films

The last film from Micheline Lanctôt, For the Love of God, was selected at the Beijing International Film Festival and won the Jury Prize at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

Lucie leads a quiet life. An introverted and fragile young woman with no plan or ambition, she is overwhelmed by the frenzied lives she sees around her. Éloi, a homeless man she meets, is on the verge of freezing to death in the alley. She decides to take him to her home so that he can rest and recover for a day or two… but he ends up staying several months. Living together proves to be difficult, and Éloi’s reactions are unpredictable, but gradually her charity and determination restore his humanity. In return, he helps Lucie break free from her fantasy world, kick her life into gear and find the emotional maturity that she sorely needs.

Director and writer: Carole Laure
Production: Lyla Films
Distribution: Les Films Christal

Carole Laure is a director, scriptwriter as well as producer. Her first two films, Marie’s Sons and CQ2, were selected at Cannes in 2002 and 2003.

In Montreal’s artistic community, a group of characters cross paths and struggle with their lives, their emotions, their demons and the people around them. Rehearsals for a multidisciplinary show directed by Touga serve as the backdrop that brings them together. The beauty that emanates from their art brings us closer to pure emotion. Through mirror effects, the roles they play and the lives they lead intersect, at times in strange harmony, at times in an eerie distortion that stimulates and enflames their relationships.

Forget me not
Director and writer: François Delisle
Production: Films 53/12
Distribution: Funfilm Distribution

François Delisle’s previous film, Le météore, garnered success at the last Berlin and Sundance film festivals.

Separated for 10 years, a man and a woman must join up to identify the remains of their young son who was reported missing. This very difficult and tragic event helps them renew their faith in life, come to terms with death and consider the possibility of a reconciliation.

La guerre des tuques 3D
Director: Jean-François Pouliot and François Brisson
Writer: Normand Canac-Marquis
Production: LGDT-3D
Distribution: Alliance Vivafilm

Jean-François Pouliot, who directed Seducing Doctor Lewis, will be accompanied by animation specialist François Brisson.

Luc and Sophie, both aged 11, are the designated leaders of two groups of friends who square off in a battle to conquer a snow castle and reap the rewards. Taking place during the Christmas holidays, the heated contest allows both gangs to test their ambitions, talents… and contradictions. During the victories and defeats, the competitors get to strut their stuff. But the real lessons are those drawn from forging new alliances and navigating relationships among individuals. Nothing beats a game when it comes to really learning about life!

Director: Yves-Christian Fournier
Writer: Jean-Hervé Désiré
Production: Go Films
Distribution: Alliance Vivafilm

Recipient of several Créa awards for his advertising projects, this is the second film from Yves-Christian Fournier. His first, Everything is fine, won the Claude Jutra Award for best Canadian first feature film.

N.O.I.R. presents the day-to-day existence of four people living in the ghetto. Violence, drugs and prostitution are depicted as well as the street gangs that fight over turf and kill each other for power. Above all, the film portrays the suffering of human beings who dream of happiness and freedom. N.O.I.R. takes a look at the world of street gangs – a stark reality that is happening all around us.

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