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Telefilm Canada supports the production of four new French-language feature films for total funding of $5.8 million

06 March 2013

Films starring Antoine Bertrand, Marc Labrèche, Robin Aubert, Évelyne Brochu,
Louise Portal and Gilbert Sicotte

Montréal, March 5, 2013 – Telefilm Canada is announcing that it is supporting the production of four new French-language feature films through the Canada Feature Film Fund. The four films are Ghost(s) (Stéphane Lapointe), Les Loups (Sophie Deraspe), Le Relampeur (Martin Talbot) and Tu dors Nicole (Stéphane Lafleur).

“Telefilm is pleased to announce its support for four promising feature films to be directed by Stéphane Lapointe, a seasoned director; Sophie Deraspe, who’s been on the festival circuit with her last film; Martin Talbot, a television veteran who’s making the move to feature film; and Stéphane Lafleur, a multidisciplinary creator,” said Carolle Brabant, Executive Director of Telefilm Canada. “Ghost(s), Les Loups, Le Relampeur and Tu dors Nicole will certainly appeal to a variety of audiences and serve to further highlight the talent and vision of Canadian filmmakers.”

Writer/director: Stéphane Lapointe (La vie secrète des gens heureux, Tout sur moi)
Production: Item 7
Distribution: Alliance Vivafilm
Genre: Comedy
Confirmed cast: Antoine Bertrand, Marc Labrèche and Robin Aubert

Marc Châtel, a successful author who hasn’t written anything for 10 years, is living a life of lies. He uses a ghostwriter named Robin—a prolific writer known for his genuineness of spirit as well as his antisocial behaviour—to write his novels. When Robin’s life falls apart and he is no longer able to write, Marc turns to another writer, Antoine, a soft-hearted man with a pure soul. The meeting of the three men turns each of their lives upside down. Their personal quests, swayed by the three women in their lives—one an anti-movie star, another a waitress with ties to the underworld, the third a hysterical wife—lead them into a series of unexpected situations and into a troubling world in a lost corner of the United States, far from their usual stomping grounds. In this strange land, each man begins to discover who he truly is and, ultimately, to rewrite his own life.

Les Loups
Writer/director: Sophie Deraspe (Les signes vitaux, Rechercher Victor Pellerin)
Production: Corporation ACPAV
Distribution: Les Films Séville
Genre: Drama
Confirmed cast: Robin Aubert, Evelyne Brochu, Louise Portal and Gilbert Sicotte

On an ice floe, accompanied by fellow hunters, William teaches a young man how to hunt seals. On a treeless, sandy and windswept island, Maria ensures that the community stays the course, buffeted as it is by the demands of daily work, the ravages of alcohol, the threatening and annoying presence of environmentalists, the enormity of nature—at once nourishing, overwhelming and worrisome. Elie, an attractive young woman in her twenties, arrives on the island in deepest winter, in search of her father, a native of the community. Her presence elicits both curiosity and wariness.

Le Relampeur
Writer/director: Martin Talbot (Ding et Dong : La vraie histoire, Bijou de famille)
Production: Christal Films Productions
Distribution: Les Films Christal
Genre: Period film/Fantasy

Henri is a “re-lamplighter.” His job is to replace burnt-out lightbulbs and take care of lamps. Although he spends his time bringing light into other peoples’ lives, he is unable to emerge from his own darkness—to make himself visible. And he is unhappy because of it. Drawing on his wide-eyed innocence, Henri takes up this challenge like a quest: to lead everyone he meets out of the darkness, hoping that, one day, he’ll be noticed as well. Over time, Henri becomes a cornerstone in the lives of a variety of characters who seek only one thing: to overcome their solitude. Henri’s real talent, in fact, is to reawaken lost souls.

Tu dors Nicole 
Writer/director: Stéphane Lafleur (Continental, un film sans fusil, En terrains connus)
Production: micro_scope
Distribution: Les Films Christal
Genre: Drame

Enjoying the family home while her parents are away, Nicole is quietly spending the first weeks of her year off until her older brother Rémi shows up with his music group. The summer then takes an unexpected turn for Nicole and her best friend Véronique. Tu dors Nicole tells the week they spend together in this house.

These announcements comprise the second round of 2013-2014 decisions for French-language projects stemming from the redesigned Production Program, which no longer has any application deadlines. Under this new program, applications will be handled more quickly, which means that decisions will be rendered sooner. It should be noted that other decisions will be announced on a regular basis as funding applications are received and decisions taken.

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