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Telefilm Canada to Fund Three French-Language Feature Film Projects

17 June 2019

Telefilm Canada has announced that it is investing $1.3 million in the production of three feature films in Quebec. The three projects are a perfect illustration of local creativity and talent and offer a fantasy drama for young audiences, a psychological drama for adults, and a hilarious comedy for the general public.

“At Telefilm Canada, we’re committed to encouraging and supporting the energy and exuberance of francophone talent,” said Telefilm Canada executive director Christa Dickenson. “The diversity of voices and perspectives is the main asset of our audiovisual industry and we’re proud to support the emergence of new stories like those announced today.”

The funding is part of the selective component for films with budgets under $2.5 million. Over the summer, Telefilm will be announcing other projects chosen in the selective component production program for films with budgets of $2.5 million or more.

Selected projects:

Écho à Delta

Director: Patrick Boivin

Screenplay: Jean-Daniel Desroches

Production: Cédric Bourdeau and Stéphane Tanguay (Les Productions Kinesis)

Étienne (10 years old) and his little brother David (7 years old) share everything: their room, their toys, but above all their wild imaginations. When David dies in an accident, Étienne is unable to cope with the tremendous loss and escapes into an imaginary world where his little brother is still alive somewhere in the universe.

Au nord d’Albany

Director: Marianne Farley

Screenplay: Marianne Farley and Claude Brie

Production: Marianne Farley and Benoit Beaulieu (Sly Kid & Sky Kid)

Annie suddenly leaves Montreal and heads for the US with her two children. There’s an obvious tension between her and her young teenage daughter, Sarah. After Sarah tells her that she has seriously injured a girl who was harassing her, Annie rashly decides to make a run for it to escape any possible consequences. Their car breaks down near a tiny village in the Adirondacks, and the three of them are stuck there while waiting for repairs…

La Bataille de Farador

Director: Édouard Albernhe-Tremblay

Screenplay: Édouard Albernhe-Tremblay

Coproduction with Belgium

Production: Sonia Despars and Marc Biron (Parallaxes), Joao Vinhas and Stéphane Collin (Octopods Films)

A master of the “Dungeons & Dragons” type role-playing game, Charles avoids the struggles of everyday life by spending all his free time running the games in Farador’s World, to the delight of his two roommates and lifelong friends, Louis and Guillaume. But his sister Kim’s unexpected return home disrupts the little routine for the happy trio of teens.