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Telefilm Canada’s Popcorn podcasts are the go-to listen for behind-the-scene exclusives with Canadian talent  

11 October 2022

Just finishing up their second and third season, Telefilm’s Maple Popcorn (hosted by Marriska Fernandes) and Sortez le Popcorn (hosted by Catherine Beauchamp) podcasts continue to bring in pools of Canadian talent to tell stories of their careers, the inner workings of the industry and the future of national cinema.   

Garnering 14,500 listeners in its first seasons, this year, Telefilm’s popcorn podcasts have welcomed a new collection of talented actors, producers and directors including Minuit, le soir’s Claude Legault, Plan B’s Louis Morisette and Schitt’s Creek’s Karen Robinson.  

Having deep-dive conversations on topics ranging from authenticity in filmmaking and representation of diasporic communities, to intimacy coordinators and French comedies on the international stage, this year’s series have been better than ever with an even closer look into what makes the Canadian film industry so special.  

With a cast of characters like L’audition’s Luc Picard, CTV’s Transplant’s Hamza Haq and Blood Quantum’s Michael Greyeyes, these podcasts are part of Telefilm’s continued dedication to the promotion and support of Canadian talent across the country.   

Listen to Maple Popcorn and Sortez le Popcorn on Apple Music, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.