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Telefilm officially launches Micro-Budget Production Program

27 June 2012

Telefilm Canada is pleased to announce that as of today, June 27, 2012, we are officially launching our new Micro-Budget Production Program. This program targets emerging talent in Canada’s audiovisual industry and will support them in the production and release of their first feature-length film, with an emphasis on digital platforms and their potential for wide distribution and audience involvement.

Targeting talent: A first feature-length film

As its name indicates, this Program targets micro-budget productions, meaning those with budgets under $250,000. Its aim is to provide financial support for emerging filmmakers who wish to produce their first feature-length film.

Under the new program, Telefilm will support eight to ten projects this year, through a non-repayable financial contribution of up to$120,000 per project. This contribution must be used to produce, distribute and promote a feature-length film that will be available to the general public through one or more distribution platforms, with a primary focus on digital platforms.

Project selection

Projects that are submitted to Telefilm for evaluation will be identified and recommended by a diverse group of industry partners. Telefilm will rely on a network of knowledgeable partners that span the entire country. These partners will consist of recognized educational and training institutions that offer film production programs and therefore have special access to the emerging talent in their regions.

To be eligible, an applicant must be a student or a recent graduate of a production program offered by one of the Program’s partners, or a recent member of a film cooperative that is listed as a partner in the Program.

This Program, which will have a budget of $1 million for its first year, demonstrates Telefilm’s evolving and progressive approach to investment, and will help us broaden our client base while encouraging filmmakers to take advantage of today’s innovative technologies.

To learn more about this new Program, we invite you to read the Guidelines and FAQ available on Telefilm’s website.